SRS November - an update

So far so good with the SRS ... I know, it's only Friday, the 5th day into it but I feel good (cue the music please!) ...

I may stop at Publix on my way home. But really, for what? Other than the Smart Milk on sale at buy one get one free and I have 4 $1 off coupons which would make a total gallon be about $1.50 ... and I always just buy the chocolate for Sonny Boy ... oh, and then Solo products are b1g1f and I have 75 cent coupons off....WAIT ... stop the though process!

See how easy it is to go into the "but it's on sale and I have a coupon" mode? Ick.

So really, I don't need anything from the store at the moment. My menu plan has been stuck with pretty close, with the exception of Thursday evening ... Sonny Boy and I went to a college open house (FREE and I got away with FREE parking at the Convention Center!) and got home at almost 8pm. Everyone, fend for yourself!

So we have a cold front coming in ... down in the 50's high in the upper 60's for the weekend. Do you know what that means!?

Open windows.

Cook chili

Bake bread

Do garden work

Light chimenea.

Well, maybe not the last part. We are looking to get a newer, bigger one but I think we will be waiting on that for a little longer. It's cool and all that, but the kids are older and just don't enjoy it as much as we used to ... BUT a larger opening could possibly enable me to cook out side on it, like pizzas and such ... ahhh...that may be just wishful thinking?

So, Chili. That means an alteration to the menu plan. That's fine. I have all the ingredients I need (pretty certain) to do so ... that's the beauty of a well stocked pantry and freezer I suppose!

Total funds spent to date: $0 ... I've got $200 cash and that, I hope will last for the whole month. Princess needs $20 for gas today and $8 for a mandatory play for her theater class (why do they do that??) and Sonny Boy will need gas too. May just leave the debit card here and tell them each to go and get $20 in the tank ... I need gas too. Uggg. This is about $60 worth of gas but mine SHOULD last 2 weeks almost. The kids, not so much. Gas hogs.


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