Menu Plan Monday

Thanksgiving is over ... and we are now into the homestretch for the end of the year. Does that make me happy?

Sort of. Kind of. Yeah, maybe. It gives me the chance to wipe the slate clean of all those new year resolutions I made LAST year that fell on the wayside. Seriously, I'd just as soon give them all up!

So, I've got 2 days left of the SRS program ... and I think, I'm going to continue working on the freezer and pantry clean out. In other words, eating from the freezers and pantry as much as possible.  Looking for ideas? Hop on over to Organizing Junkie and check out the 300+ menus that are posted around the web!

Trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds. Three freezers? Two of them have been inventoried and documented. And you never know, by the time this post shows up on Monday, #3 may have been ambushed too! Of course, I've added about 16 lbs of chicken breast and 3 lbs of shrimp to the freezers since then AND I'm sure, a little more turkey will be tossed in! AND then I grabbed 4 lbs of ground turkey at $1 per pound AND 2 pkgs of snausages AND a pound of chicken apple sausage ($1.99 for a pound, excellent price!) ...

So, based on what I have on hand, for the most part, this is what we are eating this week, if everything goes according to plan that is!

Sunday - Chicken Piccata and buttered egg noodles

Monday - Turkey and stuffing, please let this be the last of the stuffing ...

Tuesday - Sesame Beef and Peppers ... will post my version after I try it!

Wednesday - soup and sandwiches (of course!) Would really like to try this cheese soup as I have everything on had again and then we could just have a [gag] turkey sandwich too.

Thursday - This yummy sounding Shrimp Pad Thai (because I have EVERYTHING in the freezer/pantry!)

Friday - as Hubby will be leaving tomorrow, tonight will be our date night ... bet you never knew we had date night, did ya? I'm thinking something yummy like on the grill ... but I'm going to let HIM decide what

Saturday - (hubby off to Dallas and I believe the kids are having their combine birthday party) ... wonder if I can bring some of the turkey stuff out of the freezer?? Just kidding! I jest! Really! But seriously, we have our annual garage sale this day AND I will have a few girlfriends over that evening to offset the mayhem that is sure to arise (uh, 18 year old boys, 20 year old girls and ALL of them play musical instruments) ... thinking maybe taco bar or something of that sort that I could make beforehand and keep warm in the crockpot ...

So how about it, what do YOU have planned this week to eat? Hop on over to Menu Plan Monday and link up!


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