Freezer Inventory #2

At last! I did it!

It helps that I had the 3 turkey breast removed. Made a lot more room and easier to pull shelf by shelf out & put back.

Only threw away one thing, that would be the last bag of red sauce I had made back in July ... Hubby didn't like the sausage I used (I used ground pork, that could be it!)

So here it is, Freezer #2 (or the Guest Freezer as we call it):
Flat Iron steaks (individual 100 calories, 3 per pkg) x 2
Beef tenderloin for stirfry, 1 ziploc
Hamburer 80/20 x 1
filet mignon (from a WHOLE filet that was purchased) 2 ziplocs left (with about 6 per pkg)
bottom round steaks x 3
brats x 1 (4 in bag)
sandwich steaks x 1
chicken tenders (breaded) 5 lb bag
chicken thighs b/s x 2
flame roasted chix x 2
pork chops x 1
cheddar cheese x 1
mozz cheese x 5
parm cheese x 3
swiss cheese (shredded) x 1
fresh mozz slice x 1 (large ziploc for pizza)
fresh mozz shredd x 1 (large ziploc)
provolone slices x 1
sauted onions x 1 (ziploc)
clam strips x 6
crab cakes x 2 boxes (mini cakes)
shrimp x 1 lb
breakfast links x 2 (not that great, could become fish food)
canadian bacon x 1
bacon x 3
turkey bacon x 1
chix & apple sausae x 1 (large pk)
cajun style chix sausage x 1 (small pkg)
flat outs x 2
cajun chix lunchmeat (cubed and ziploc) x 1 (2 pkgs in ziploc)
turkey lunchmeat x 4
honey ham lunchmeat x 1
stadium brats x 1
smoked sausage x 1
Tabasco pulp x 2 LARGE SPACE EATING BAGS (ok, this is my pet peeve, sorry!)
cheddar wurst x 1
cheddar brats x 1

Whew ... I'm concerned, I didn't see more cheddar cheese OR butter!  But I do have a lot of beef steaky stuff to use up ... looking into this recipe or maybe I'll use some of the shrimp for this one.

I do need to get to the third (and smallest, thankfully!) freezer in the garage and then at last, I can see just what I really need to be buying (I'm looking a little lean on veggies it appears!) ...


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