Menu Plan Monday

Again, it's Tuesday, and I'm just getting the Menu Plan up and posted over at Menu Plan Monday, Organizing Junkie! Crumb, I tell ya, it's more than I can handle some days!
So here we are, first week of November, new month, new budget, AND ... a "No Spend" month, but seriously, thinking of it as Severely Restricted Spending Month :)....

Sunday - Chicken breast and noodles (chicken cooked in oven with cream of onion soup & seasonings, noodles were left over from the Animals on Friday night)
Monday - Taco Bar and Black Bean Soup (taco meat from the freezer, soup stuff from pantry AND the fixins from pantry and fridge)
Tuesday - Chicken Cesar Salad with noodles (chicken is the remainder of Ropa Vieja thats in the freezer) noodles are the REST of the Animals feast from Friday, salad greens were all prepped on Monday for the week worth of salads
Wednesday - pressed smoked turkey sandwiches (remember, I'm a little heavy on lunchmeat and cheese at the moment)
Thursday - Garlicky chicken with broccoli and maybe a salad too? This could change. I've got chicken thighs and a HUGE pork tenderloin to tend to, oh, and the 4 lbs of ground beef. Holey Cow!
Friday - Brats on the grill and shark chips (brats from freezer, need buns, may have guest bring?)
Saturday - Steak and taters because darn it, it's been a busy week and trying with the Severely Restricted Spending!
Sunday - just to drag it another proposed day, Sausage and Peppers ... swung over from last week, will "try" to make the bread to go with it! :)

Don't forget to check out 100's of other menu plans over at Menu Plan Monday!


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