Grocery list

Today is the last day for the current ad at Publix.  I use the site I Heart Publix to match up my coupons with current ad ... she's really great and if you shop Publix, you need to check it out...

I've got $70 cash in my wallet and this is what I'm spending it on:

5 OM deli cut lunchmeats - 5 $1 off manuf coupons and $5 $1 off Publix coupons AND
2 loaves italian bread (or hoagie rolls) using 2 $1 off bakery when you buy OM lunch mean (publix)
gallon of milk (need to get to Costco!)
2 4pk bryers yogurt, using publix b1g1f and 2 $1 off
12 pk Select 55 beer $2.50 off coupon
2 12 pks Coors (which will be below)
6 doritos, b1g1f and using 2 $3 off coupons (which will make them all free)
8 EAS protein bars, using 4 $ off (makes them free and Sonny Boy has them for afterschool)
Cottonelle wipes, free coupon
6 deli flats, b1g1f, using 1 $1 off
6 small deli items at $2 or less, using the $2 off deli with deliflat purchase (looking at cheeses)
2 playtex tampons, using 2 $2 off
10 cracker barrel cheese, using 2 $5 off 5 and 10 $1 off publix coupons
IF I spend $50 (I'm sure it will total that before coupons) I have a $5 off $50 purchase.

Heavy on lunchmeat and cheese which is fine for the party on Saturday and the holidays coming up ...


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