If you've been following my Make It Happen Monday lists, you'd know that I've had the gyno and mammo stuff on there from day one, always at the end, almost like an afterthought, you know, to kind of round out the list of things to do.

I printed out a list of doctors for the girly stuff ... uggg, how I just dread doing this. I don't know why. But I had 3 separate, unknown to each other people, refer this one doctor.

Miracles of all Miracles! She's on my plan! Woohoo! December 16 at 9am. Be early. Lots of paperwork. "When was your last pap?" "uhhh....a while ago. Quite a while ago" ...

Then as I'm taking the plunge, may as well make the next appt.

Call Holy Cross Women's Center ... (was the old NorthRidge Hospital) and end up going on line to request a call back. Why is it so difficult to schedule a mammogram appointment anyways?

Finally, after 3 hours, I get a phone call. Said that she would transfer me to the scheduling dept and then asked if I can the script with me. Uhhh.... "I need a script??" Crap.

So, one down, one to go. And quite honestly, this 2nd one is just going to have to wait another month til I see the gyno. It may be the least of my worries :) I'm just kidding ... it's not all doom and gloom, seriously!

So ... have you done your check ups this year?? (As I type this I wonder if my deductable is going UP next year or not ... maybe I should wait til the new year .... maybe I should just cancel the appointment ... oh wait, what if ... and so on!!!)


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