Make It Happen Monday

Thanks to Ammie over at Domstically Obsessed, I've started to Get My Home On and post my Make It Happen Monday list here. Does it necessarily help me? Yeah, but I have to fight the urge to re-create it on line as you know how things change every if you are up to it, come on over to Ammie's home and link up!

As usual, a few items are carried over (seems to be the story of my life!) and with Hubby being gone 3 nights I've decided to be ruthless and P. U.  R. G. E. some of my problem areas. Better now than when he's around :) ...

1. Set reminder of library book due dates
2. Post and link menu plan monday
3. Hubby birthday card
4. shop on Crescent party stuff (coupons and gift card). Clean and set all for Thursdays get together
5. Scrub kitchen sink (main kitchen)
6. Reset Netflix selections (what is this CRAP they've been sending??)
7. Compile WW points on common foods consumed in this house
8. Guest hall closet - purge
9. Guest room closet - purge
10. Main dresser (bedroom) purge
11. Office area and desk, purge
12. Set new files for paid bills
13. Bank deposit, balance, pay bills, budget remainder
14. guest freezer and fridge
15. garage freezer and fridge
16. main fridge
17. Check out for the helicopter gifts to boys. (ok, we were wandering the mall looking for a pair of shoes for Hubby Sunday and the Brookstone store there was doing a cool demo on these helicopters .... very very cool, we almost got sucked in - along with the hampsters in the ball at the little kiosk) ...
18. The usual carryover ... mammogram and pap appts.

So how about it, you getting your home on?


  1. You are so specific! I love it! You blow my list to pieces and I get so inspired! I see you still did not make those important lady doctor appointments, that should be at the top of your list! Take care of yourself first, hon! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Good morning Ammie ... thanks for coming by again :)
    Yes, I know I need to be doing these appointments and this is the week to set them up. BUT honestly, I'm scared and have NO idea why...I suppose because I know so many people who are going through stuff right now and I'm afraid of the "what if" of me ... stupid, and all for no reason, I'm sure ... but still. Again, thanks!

  3. Like you, I don't care for the "lady appointments" either. But here's what I do -- every year on my birthday, I make my appointments. This is my birthday present to myself! I don't know how far off your birthday is, so how about a Christmas present to yourself? And God forbid, if there IS a problem (and we all know there probably isn't!), early detection is the name of the game! You can do it!

  4. Joan, thank you for the encouragement and suggestion ... I think I should just do it every year at this time ... it's a stressful time anyways :) I've actually got a list of places to call that carry my insurance so I suppose that is the first step :) Yes, early detection IS the name of the game!


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