Menu Plan Monday

Ok, so here's the deal for this week as far as menu's go ... I posted the WHOLE proposed month (minus 7 days, so I guess, really, only 3 weeks worth?) over here ... and of course, I am allowed to deviate from the plan slightly.

I am still on my mission to clean out the freezers somewhat. I need to. Honestly. After the pork roast from August 2008 (which by the way was just fine!) I realized that this needs to be a priority. So I'm making an effort. Who knows, those last 7 days that I left open for leftovers and out may be wing it by the freezer time? Ha.

Sunday - chicken Cesar salad (and which will be lunch for the rest of the work week!)
Monday - hot dogs and brats
Tuesday - Pasta with chicken (almost like chicken Parmesan)
Wednesday - SURVIVOR night so something fairly easy: soup and artisan bread (this should be a good test as the dough has been in the fridge for 10 days?)
Thursday - chicken enchiladas (using my free chicken that I will pick up Wednesday)
Friday - burgers (or something of that nature)
Saturday - sausage and peppers

Hubby had his follow up doctor visit regarding the blood work ... cholesterol is a little high (233 seems more than a "little" to me) and she recommended he see a nutritionist. Uhhh, Honey, that's not necessary, rule number one is cut back the fat intake AND I believe, the alcohol. ... this may change the way our household views food, which it should!

Swing on over to Organizing Junkie for 100's of other menu plans ... AND she's got some GREAT giveaways going on right now as part of her Customer Appreciate week!


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