October - a WHOLE month of menus!

This is my all time favorite month of the year. I suppose because I L. O. V. E. Halloween! But the past few years, we haven’t celebrated as we used to…may be because Hubby had the surgery 2 years ago on November 1st, which we quit smoking then and didn’t celebrate THAT year …. Ever since, we just go down to Shooters for the 93.1 Rock Halloween contest. It’s fun and a group of us get together and walk there (3 whole blocks) and just have a blast. Some years are better than others, and hopefully, this year will be cool. Last year was HOT, HOT, HOT. We actually took the teens last year (heck, they were soon to be 17 and not as clueless as we’d like to think) but after I heard “OMG, MOM, did you see that giant vagina over there?” about 10 times, I was like, heres' some money, go to the pizza place and eat and we will see you when we get home!

In no particular order, heres what I’m thinking of for food this month:

White chili (looking forward to trying this!)
Onion soup (great recipe, need to dig it out and follow my original directions AND post the recipe!)
Homemade bread (artesian) and soup (needs to be fairly soon as I've got the dough in the fridge and the ingredients to try the soup!)
Pizza (either from scratch dough or use Publix bakery stuff)
Grilled chix cesar salad
Pressed Panini sandwiches with tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil (I know, that’s what makes it a pannini, no need to tell me!)
Hot Browns (still need to do this!)
BLT’s (all that bacon in the freezer, needs to be used up!)
BBQ pork (great standby for the crockpot!)
Tacos (taco meat already made in the freezer)
Enchiladas (this is a complete pantry meal, using canned chicken from hurricane stock)
Steak and taters (filet mignon in the freezer)
Burgers and dogs (beef and dogs both in the freezer)
Pork tenderloin (Cuban style) with black beans and rice (pork in the freezer from a whole Costco size tenderloin) OR the Island Pork with some regular basmati rice
Spaghetti & Meatballs (want to try the Bon Appetit recipe for meatballs, lots of beef and pork sausage in freezer! this recipe does not appear to be posted on the magazine website so I've put it here)
Sausage and peppers (sausage in freezer as are some peppers & onions, also in fridge for veggies)
Garlicky chicken (good recipe that hasn’t been made in awhile. All ingredients in hosue)
Baked tater bar (quick and east way to feed the animals!)
Lasagna (using the Pioneer woman’s recipe … delicious!)
Chicken piccatta (again, haven’t made in awhile and Princess loves it!)
Chix parmesan (another oldy that hasn’t been made in a while)

The remaining days will be leftovers and out … I have these restaurant.com coupons I must use before long … looking forward to the Chima one still .... we have our 20th Anniversary coming up so I may just say lets do it!

I will make an extra effort to post the recipes that links aren't provided for ... need to get much more focused and organized on that end!

Still need more ideas for what to cook? Check out the Organizing Junkie for 100's of other menus!


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