Weekly Spending

I've tried various ways to track and announce it to the world without much success.

Then I came across a sight called Give Me Back My Five Bucks and really like the way she does her weekly tallies! So guess what? I'm on board!

$10.00 Walgreens for Sonny Boy prescription

$4.49 Publix (not bad when you consider 2 bags of coffee, pack of gum, 1 lonely banana and 1 cup yogurt)

$No Spend Day

$8.94 Publix (needed milk and I picked up a dinner size mac & cheese for freezer)
$1081.57 bi-weekly paycheck

$140.38 paycheck
$No Spend Day


$524.38 Costco. See HERE for the details on this trip!

$No Spend Day

Totals for the week:

$1,221.95 in. Would like to hopefully deposit $125 in to my WAMU savings account. Will have to wait and see what the rest of the bills look like that I haven't set up for payment yet.
$547.81 out!

NOTES: The family left on Thursday morning which means I can NOW get back on track with the eating plan AND financials! Seriously, didn't throw me off, I just didn't show the restraint that I should have :)

I knew I would be going to Costco soon, but did not really anticipate spending THAT much. And I didn't even get any junk food :(  A few things on my list I did not get as the prices didn't seem that great to me (amazing!) I am trying to get back to the menu plan AND cooking a bit more from scratch, aka healthier.  Of course, I realize I forgot a few things but heck, I'll have to work around that


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