My trip to Costco

I needed to go. There were things that I needed to get from there. There were COUPONS to be used! And I also took the newest member of our family, Brutis.  Keep an eye out for THAT post.

So. Costco cost me about $200 more than I anticpated. AND I did not get everything on the list. Some things seemed to be a little more expensive than I remembered.

Paper Towel $14.79
Spinach $3.99
Mini Peppers (sweet) $3.99
Sam-E vitamins 90 ct $38.89 x 2 less $8 x 2
long hot dog buns $1.79
Motts apple juice 2/128 oz $6.45
cottonelle wet wipes $14.99 less $3
large can of tomatoe sauce $2.45
coffeemate powder $5.49
garbage bags (200 count) $11.99
Nuts & Honey granola bars (kids love) $11.49
30 ct foil pans $6.99
170 plastic cups $7.49
water (.5l bottles) $3.45
softsoap refill 2/80 oz $7.99 less $2
dish soap $7.99 less $2
celsius drinks (15 pks) $16.99 x 3 less $4 x 3 (I know, this stuff is expensive, but better than redbull & gets my soda fix 80% of the time)
romaine lettuce $3.99
cottage cheese $4.99
honey $10.99
popcorn chicken $11.99 x 2 less $4 x 2
string cheese $7.49
shredded parm cheese #13.29
half & half $1.45 x 3
2% gallon of milk $2.39 x 2
almond accent $6.89 less $2.00
beef franks $10.99 x 2
butter $8.05
grey poupon (twin pack) $6.69
honey roasted turkey $7.43
black forest ham $6.75
crumble bacon bits $8.99
beef tenderloin (whole) $46.14
3 dz xlg eggs $2.95 x 2
cascade dishwasher gel $9.49 less $2
triple flex vitamin $24.99 x 2 less $8 x 2
multi sponge $11.79 less $2.75
beef jerkey $11.99 x 3 less $3.50 x 3
bath soap $8.99
swifter duster $12.49 less $2.25
carnation instant breakfast (30 ct) $8.89 x 2
paper plates $13.89

Total $524.38 (saved $78.50 with coupons)

Ok, so some of this is excessive. The tenderloin is for our friend who loaned us their trailer to get the washer & dryer from Orlando a few weeks ago.

The vitamins ($130 total) ae a 6 month plus supply (I HOPE). The Sam-E stuff is experimental, and I really should of only bought one but wanted to be sure I used my valuable coupon. If not working, I will return the other package.  These are to improve MOOD and promote healthy joint health. Triple Flex is like the Osteo Bi-Flex but triple strengthy. Hubby swears by that stuff so lets see if this stuff works.  With the coupons it was much cheaper than anywhere else.

As the boats back in the water AND it's getting to be peak hurricane season soon, there were a few things that I needed, wet wipes, plastic cups, plates, foil pans, garbage bags, and such.

Celsius. Not much to say. I like the taste of the stuff, and suppose to burn upward of an additional 100 calories. Its really just another energy drink that has 0 calories, 0 grams of carbs, etc. And I like it (the orange gives me a sweet tooth satisfaction)

No junk food really as you can see. Of course, Sonny Boy is like wheres the chips, jelly beans, bread, etc. Sorry kid, I went by myself and stuck to the list!

OH - the eggs. Look at that. 3 dozen EXTRA large eggs for less $1 a dozen? Holy Moley! I'm seeing lots of eggs in my near future!


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