Frugal Wear

My girlfriend met me at the mall the other morning. She brought a bag of clothes, thinking some of it might be good for Princess and a few things possibly for me, even though I am "larger" than her :)

Well, Princess ended up taking most of the items, surprisingly enough. The few items she left for me to try made me very skeptical. A size 4 dress? Come on girly. You know that I'm pushing on a size 10, hence the diet and halfassed exercise program.

Well, I tried on the dress. Spetacular!  Sure, if I could lose them little bulges on the outside of the thigh it would look better, but even so, nice!

So the frugal wear was this:

MaggyL dress - free
Naturalizer black heels - $5.99
Earrings (part of matching necklace set, not worn) - $1.00
Bracelet - $1.00

Total outfit $7.99 ... not bad for an OFFICE outfit!  I suppose I should try to get a picture in the future? After all, I do have the new toy!


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