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In the month of June, I spent money. More money than I would like to have. More money than I should have. My savings account is a little sad looking right now, BOTH of them. It's July. Well, almost, less than 24 hours away, so it's time to start a new slate. I intend to start that new slate with a new toy that I will utilize to it's fullest extent. A new cell phone. Yes. A new cell phone. My phone was 2 years old. It was a good ole razor that was working pretty efficiently except that the screen would go white at times, and was starting to occasionally shut off all by itself. We were out of contract since May. I shopped around a little for a new plan, but couldn't beat the one that T-Mobile gave us over 5 years ago. 1000 minutes, free mobile to mobile, etc. for 3 lines for $80 a month. Add in the $20 unlimited text messaging and my bill runs around $120 after all the fees and taxes. The kids have gotten new phones (princess purchased hers with hard cash right after graduating from boot camp) and Sonny Boy got her old side kick as a hand me down. Me, I kept the razor for years. So recently, hubby got a new blackberry. Annoying thing it was. Constantly playing with it. Then I started to inquire with T-Mobile about upgrading MY plan and phone to be SMART. Huh. They wanted another $100 to add that to the plan. No. Thanks. Well, now I managed to get them to give me the new My Touch Slide for $150 and upgrade the 3 lines to web access (unlimited) for a mere $50 a month. Yeah, that did bring my bill up more than I wanted, which is why I have to USE the heck out of this phone & service. My favorite thing so far? The fact that I can go to my favorite websites on a road trip AND the fact that I can pull my email up instantaneously. I'm so very bad about reading email :) Personal one anyways!! Barcode scanner? You betcha. I need to play more with it as I still haven't figured out how to really SHOP with it :) But I will, you just wait!


  1. A barcode scanner seems like it would be handy for price shopping. Neat feature!

    But does it annoy you that things like cell phones are built for obsolescence in such a short time? You can't find anyone who repairs phones - we tried. Two years just doesn't seem that long! I hear you on the old plan working best, though. I did a ton of research and we decided to stick with our 5 year old, totally basic phones on the old plan. It's just the most cost effective, even though I'd like a smart phone. :)


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