Menu Plan Monday

I really am trying to keep up with the Menu Plan Monday ... really. It's just sometimes I get a little side tracked! But since I did the 19 meals off the top I think I can do it! Imagine that, 19 meals off the top of my head ... all with 99% of the ingredients already in house. Whew. That would make for an easy month if I choose to do a no-spend, no-shopping month, huh? Who knows, it may happen on it's own without me making a huge announcement (hint, hint), so long as there are no superb sales going on. Then again, school IS starting back, and all everyone can talk about is the swine flu, phase II once the kids get back to school. Ok, here's what I've got planned: Sunday - Italian Beef served on hoagies with provolone cheese and macaroni salad Monday - chicken breast with veggie rice (chicken leftover from Friday night) Tuesday - Pork chops (crock pot) with pasta (I'm really afraid hubby is going to hate this) Wednsday - Baked tater soup and garden salad Thursday - Pizza, or pepperoni bread (basically just a pizza rolled up and cooked) Friday - Burgers on the grill Saturday - Steak (found some filet mignon in freezer over weekend, need to eat it!) and taters So ... let's see how I do with a reduced shopping trip ... wish me luck and don't forget to vist the organizing junkie for tons of terrific ideas!


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