19 meals off the top

It's amazing, all day long on Sunday I added dinner ideas to a list as they came to me. Every single one of these ideas I would not need to shop for as I have all the ingredients (ok, with the exception of any milk, bread or produce needed) in the fridge and/or pantry.

I really could skip some major shopping if I so desired. I do desire, but not sure if I have the willpower!

So here's what I have. 19 days. Almost 3 weeks worth. And of course, there has to be leftovers in between.

So here's what I plan on making for the next 19 days:

Grilled Chix and baked taters DONE
Italian beef sandwiches (crock pot) and macaroni salad DONE and DONE
Italian chops (crock pot)
baked tater soup and salad pizza (or pepperoni bread)
macho nachos
macaroni and cheese with chicken apple sausage brats / hot dogs
steak and taters (filet mignon in freezer, needs to be eaten)
chix picatta and pasta
smoked sausage and bc taters
salisbury steaks and egg noodles
spaghetti with garlic bread sticks
pulled bbq
chix sandwiches
(premade) snausages, meatballs, tater skins (appetizer night)
cuban pork roast with black beans and rice
Chix marsella is that 19?

So we already had the chix and baked taters last night. Tonight is the italian beef (which I need to go shred up soon). Tomorrow will probably be leftovers ... I'm going to check in with the organizing junkie and do my menu plan monday!


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