Grocery Shops in Review

Hey hey, are you here to see what we bought and spent this past week at the grocery store??

I have a lot of catching up to do!

I had a Costco delivery on Saturday, June 16th ... can I just tell you how great that is?? I spent $188 and got everything I wanted (veggies, black bean burgers, water, and a bunch of other stuff) within 2 hours of placing the order on line. Seriously?? Why would I ever fight for another parking space again?? Same day delivery is via InstaCart BUT if you go through the Costco app, there is no delivery charge!  Also, the price is marked up a *little* but nothing that would make me say it's the same or more than a local grocery store so yes, I recommend it!

And then I had a Walmart pick up on Wednesday, June 20th ... that is a game changer as well - got me 36 Kcup pods for the price of 18 as they didn't have any in stock! Again, I placed my order that morning before I went to work and told them I would be by to pick up between 5 and 6pm. They sent me a text at 4:50 and said my order was ready to pick up.  You let them know (via text/app) that you are on your way, what color your car is and then park in one of the Pick Up spots and out they come with your bags! Sweet!

And then ...

Trader Joe's - June 22, 2018
Total Spent - $110.21

Oops. Had a very specific list ...

2 2 packs of cheese enchiladas $1.99 each
2 bags of Colossal cooked shrimp $10.99 each
2 bags of Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken $5.49 each
2 boxes of mac and cheese $2.99 each
2 2 pks of frozen pizza crust $3.29 each
blackberries $5.99 (organic, not that it mattered. They just looked better)
cherries $5.99
olive oil $7.99
shredded hash browns $1.79
blueberries $6.99 (large container)
strawberries $7.99 (ok, it's 4 pounds!)
raspberries $6.49
pizza sauce $1.99
2 bottles of sparkling lemonade $2.99 each
fresh rosemary $1.69
fresh chives $1.69
seedless watermelon $2.99
2 avocados $1.39 each

and then ...

Whole Foods - June 22, 2018
Total Spent - $78.10

Again, had a very specific list ...

2 bottles of spring water $1.79 each
bag of Cassava Flour $17.99 (yikes, but I really want to try this!)
chunk of white cheddar cheese $4.75
coffee cream $4.99
container of mango chunks $5.99
bottle of dijon mustard $3.89
2 pkgs of Applegate black forest ham $7.99 each
6 pk broiche buns $4.99
2 preform burgers $3.63 ($3.99 pound)
2 preform burgers $3.83 ($3.99 pound)
2 preform burgers $3.58 ($3.99 pound)
2 preform burgers $3.59 ($3.99 pound)
gallon of milk $3.99

I saved a whopping $2.69 with my Prime membership. Ha.  So, a quick note on the burgers ... $3.99 for 85/15 ground beef is a GOOD PRICE these days ... not to mention, those burgers being patted out save me (and Hubby) a lot of time at the end of the day so yes, if there isn't a "premium" added to the fact that they are already made, I'm buying them. PLUS there is nothing added to them, straight up beef.

What have YOU spent at the grocery store this past week??

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  1. Hi Do you have a large family? Because you seem to buy ALOT of food! Ha Ha!! Just wondering. I like your Costco order and the fact that you got it delivered. Haven't tried that yet. I don't go to Costco as much as I used to because now there are just the two of us and most of those items are just too much to use before going bad. And I just read somewhere that people are saying "why should I pay a store to shop at it?" which does make sense. Unless you are really going there a lot, I do get their point. It doesn't pay to have to be a member if you don't use the store that often. What do you think? Do you shop there all the time?


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