Menu Plan and Meal Prep

It's been a while since I've acutally planned a full menu  and then prepped it too!  We've been slacking off ... life has been so very busy and well, let's face it, our eating habits have gotten really bad again ;-(

So. Hubby is up in Indiana (dropped him at the airport on Sunday morning), I went to Costco and stocked up on a few things and then spent a little bit of time cooking a few things on Sunday.  Nothing like I had planned to do but at least I have the green beans and the bacon ready. Oh, and that chicken ... it's ripped apart and in a container in the fridge. Not sure why I just don't like whole chickens??

Anyway.  I'll be meal prepping in the mornings and hoping to stash a few dishes in the freezer for quick grab and go when I'm really busy like I was this last week (I grabbed a sausage/shrooms/marinara sauce with riced cauliflower and it was DELICIOUS!)  My plan is to make 4 servings of each and freeze 2 or 3 of each with the exception of the salad!

Hubby doesn't come home til midnight on Sunday. Christmas Eve. Evening. So I'm on my own for the whole week!

Sunday - leftover lasagna from Friday night's dinner out with the office at Anthony's Runway 84. Dinner was nice but it kind of stunk that we were late getting there as I left the office late AND we live the furthest from the place. Uber was going to be a 30 minute wait and cost $26. We drove. Which is just as well as it kept the alcohol level to a minimum which we needed as we had a lot to do on Saturday!

Monday - BLT Boats ... bacon is already cooked up ... fingers crossed my avocado ripens up by then!

Tuesday - should be taco tuesday but I'm just not feeling it at this time ... so I'm making a Asian/Thai based Chicken Salad (using that whole chicken and the Asian Salad mix I bought ... I'll make my own dressing and probably add some avocado to that as well

Wednesday - Survivor Season Finale! I'm looking forward to BBQ Beef and Bacon if I can get it cooked Monday or Tuesday night ... otherwise, leftovers!

Thursday -  Pizza Bowls ... I will need to get shrooms from Aldi this week before making ...

Friday - I've got my eye on a new creation I'd like to try ... it's a sheet pan concoction that requires mushrooms so if I pick up the shrooms this week, I'm making it and fingers crossed it's good!

Saturday -  Leftovers of whatever as I need to get the house cleaned up ... did I tell you my daughter is ready to spit out a gigantic baby? Her due date is January 13th but that baby is measuring over 8 pounds already so I have a feeling I need to be ready to hit the road and drive a few hours with a moment's notice!

What are you planning to make this week ahead?

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