Grocery Shops in Review!

There were three stops this past week ... one in Indiana and then the other two back here in South Florida.

It's nice to be back home, can I just tell you that?? I'm looking forward to prepping a few meals and having them ready to grab and heat for the week ahead!

Here's what I picked up ... check back on Sunday for the Menu Plan and Meal Prep!

Jewel-Osco – November 4th, 2017
Total Spent - $104.65
 I'm not going to detail this shop but will share a *few* things I picked up!

Ghee $12.99
100 count Splenda $4.99
4 individual almond butter packets $1.00 each
2 cans scubby bubbles cleaner $1.99 each
bag of pretzels $3.49
20 pumpkin shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - these came to about 8 cents a piece ... I left the majority in Indiana in the freezer for our next visit!

Then on Tuesday, I got on the airplane and I was HOME!

Aldi – November 8th, 2017
Total Spent - $50.xx
*at this very moment I can’t find my receipt again ☹ Sadly, they did NOT have the winter blend veggies or the riced cauliflower here ... boooooo


Honey Mango $.49
2 pomegrantes $.79 each
2 butter lettuce heads $1.69 each
2 dozen eggs $1.49 each dozen (wow, different that NW Indiana!)
Spaghetti squash $1.79 (I believe)
Green onions $1.09

12oz bag of shrimp $5.49
5 plus pounds b/s chicken breast ($1.69 per pound!)
Jar of marinara sauce 
2 containers whole mushrooms 

Bag of Asian blend salad mix kit $2.49
Bag of Southwestern style blend salad mix $2.49

2 seedless cucumbers
Bag of sweet peppers
head of cabbage $.79 (for the whole thing!) 
2 boxes of tissues
3 pk bag of zucchini
bag of limes
coffee creamer (Hubby)

I really tried to stay selective on what I was buying and actually put a few things back.

And then ... 

Trader Joe's - November 9th, 2017
Total Spent - $118.24

Well. This shop just put me over the edge on my proposed budget. 

chocolate covered peanuts $3.99
almond/coconut/chocolate $4.99
espresso beans with chocolate $4.79
cut mango $3.49
olive oil $7.99
bottle of rose wine $6.99
ghee $3.99
frozen shrimp $10.99
pizza sauce $1.99
fresh thyme $1.69
shredded carrots $1.49

onion salt $1.99
2 bags of b/s chicken thighs (frozen, 40 oz) $6.99 each
2 boxes (4 pk) angus burgers (raw) $6.99 each
2 boxes of mac and cheese $2.99 each
2 lb bag of green beans $5.99
bottle of pomegranate green tea $2.99
2 bags of riced cauliflower $1.99 each
garlic infused olive oil $3.99
2 2 pk cheese enchiladas $1.99 each
pepperoni $3.29
2 avocados $1.29
fresh rosemary $1.69

Did I need half that stuff? Nope. Am I sorry I went there? Sort of. The chocolate covered nuts is really, really unnecessary. I've shoved those in the back of the pantry for the Boy and Hubby as I felt myself scrapping the bottom of the container on the peanuts. Why on earth would I buy those??? :-)

How is YOUR grocery budget holding up?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!
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