Honey Mustard Dressing

Here's What's For Dinner

This here little dressing recipe is a staple in my house. Like, it's made at least once a month.  

These little mason jars are great for packing lunches with!

I love making my own salad dressings ... I have a much better handle on what I'm consuming when I do so. You know that MOST shelf stable salad dressing are full of funky ingredients, right? So why not just take a few extra minutes and make your own and be healthier?

Back in the day, it was all about Kens Honey Mustard Dressing ... until I started reading labels. Whoops. The 2nd ingredient was HFCG.

So ... I had to pretty much kick my all time favorite dressing to the curb. *See how it says "Great for DIPPING"?? That's what it was all about for me!

But then I found this great recipe and I've been making it ever since that day! Chances are, you will be too!

Here's what  you need:

1/2 c olive oil. I've started to use the "light tasting" stuff OR avocado oil for my dressings
3 tbs regular vinegar
2 tbs water
1/4 c honey 
1/4 c grey poupon mustard
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp salt
dash of black pepper

Measure all in a glass jar and mix well. This will taste best if you make it in advance and let it sit in refrigerator for about 4 hours before using.  

Go ahead, use it for dipping! Or just keep it simple and use as a salad dressing ... either way, you'll be glad you decided to go healthier!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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