Grocery Shops In Review

Hey hey, Happy Saturday! Time for me to share my recent grocery trips!

Hubby and I took a little staycation last week at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Hilton Hotel. We Ubered there Friday afternoon and had the Boy pick us up on Sunday afternoon. It was a nice little getaway, not all that frugal but we made the best of it while we were there!  The only reason I share that is because I didn't do a whole lot of grocery shopping the week before!

Ok, here's what I did buy this past week! Three trips ... could have skipped one or the other but whatever!

Publix - August 14, 2017
Total Spent - $85.61

Jalapeno pepper $.28
4 Chobi greek yogurts $5 for all 4
organic shredded carrots $2.79 (not that I wanted organic)
spring mix $2
container grape tomatoes $3
3 (all that was on shelf) large bottles of coconut water $3.99 each
Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee $7.99
sweet onion (2) $3.31
mini sweet peppers $7.19
4 pound bag of naval oranges $3.99 (that were horrible)
2 4 pks of Pure Leaf Tea $5.99 each
3 pk romaine lettuce $3
plum tomatoes $2.41
almond milk creamer $4.45
gallon milk $3.75
18 eggs $2.25

Walmart - August 17, 2017
Total Spent - $230.67

Oy. That was a lot ... I was stopping on my way to see my dad and pick up a few things for him ... not quite sure what set me over the edge. I should mention that I try to do all my health and beauty shopping once a month when I hit up Walmart, you know, the toothpaste, deodorant, bath soap, etc.

Items with an * are for my dad and should be paid out separately but aren't.

2 bags of butterfinger cups $5.38 each *
2 bags of hard candy $3.48 each *
bag of twix $4.88 *
2 tubes of mini M&M's $1.34 each *
2 single serve OJ $1.38 each *
2 8 pks mini root beers $2.50 each *
can of red skin peanuts $3.18 *
12 pk mini diet coke $3.50
12 pk mini coke $3.50
12 pk Truly Spiked $17.37
carmel Syrup $2.28
6 single serve Chobi greek yogurt $1 each
1 pound shredded mozz. cheese $3.98
1 pound shredded sharp cheddar cheese $3.98
bag of trail mix $4.98
12 pk single serve nutter butter cookies $4.48 *
12 pk single serve chip ahoy cookies $4.48 *
beef angus hot dogs $3.68
2 Applegate pkgs hot dogs $4.98 each
gum $2.96
green onions $1.18
1 jalapeno $.07 (what a bargain!)
2 heads iceberg lettuce $1.28 each
bag of chips $3.48
2 canisters pringles $1.28 each
large bag of frozen broccoli $5.98
large bag of frozen california blend (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) $5.98
6 pk black angus frozen burgers $6.98
2 bags of coleslaw mix $1.86
5 containers sliced mushrooms $1.98 each
large container pineapple spears $6.98
large container sliced apples which were awful $4.98
gym shorts $7.96
tshirt $4.96
pads $2.67
wipes $3.78
2 toothpaste (hubby, sensitive) $5.24 each
2 toothpaste (me) $3.92 each
4 pk soap (Yardley, oatmeal and something) $2.47
36 count eggs $2.38 (get out!)
ham $6.96
turkey $6.96
hot dog bun $2.50
burger/sandwich buns $2.50
And less $1.00 coupon (whee)

Yeah, that was a lot of stuff and money spent so I'm thinking hmmm ... maybe I need to do a mini spending freeze coming up soon?

Oh, but wait ... Hubby sends me a text on Friday afternoon that we need beer and ice for our upcoming Saturday boating adventures ...

Publix - August 18th, 2017
Total Spent - $120.18

So beer and ice, what, maybe $25? Yeah, right.

Califia black and white coffee $4.99
Chameleon cold brew coffee $7.99
12 pk corona $13.99
15 pk Coors Light $16.99
Cherry Lime LaCroix $4.55
2 20 pound bags of ice $4.19 each (and we have a professional grade ice maker!)
24 pk water bottles $2.99
red grapes $3.60
green grapes $4.08
2 bags of cat food $7.99 each less $7.99 (buy one get one free coupon)
2 pkgs thin sliced cheese $3.79 each (!) (watch for upcoming Cheese Crisps!)
hot dogs $3.99
gallon milk $3.75
2 boxes of tissues $1.95 each
4 coconut water (small bottles) $8 for all
large bottle of coconut water $8.99
2 containers of honeydew chunks $2.97 for both
ruby red grapefruit juice $3.39

So, I guess I should disclose the coconut water stuff ... it's cold pressed, organic and must be refrigerated. It's also great if you suffer from leg cramps ... at least it works for Hubby ... I drink one serving a day and it seems to help (?) with inflammation and Hubby drinks a LOT more than he should because he likes the taste. The one that I've been buying that we really like is Waterhill Organic. Yes, it's expensive as hell but if it works, I'm willing to float that boat for a while .... I've been trying to save the little bottles (single serve) to refill from the bigger bottles (2 and 4 servings) to try and get Hubby to cut back from chugging a 2 serving bottle at 3am ;-)

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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