Grocery Shop Review

You probably don't know this but I've not been inside a grocery store since Hubby came home ... crazy, right? He's been a few times but me? Nope!

I made up for it though on Saturday. Hubby was running to Target so I went to Publix (in the same shopping plaza) since we were trying to save time ... sadly, he should have come along as I spent more than I wanted.

July 15 - Publix
Total Spent - $153.04

Blackberry / Cucumber LaCroix $4.39
Cherry / Lime LaCroix $4.39
2 cartons of Vita Coconut Water $3.34 each
3 containers (single serve) yogurt $1.00 each
Small bottle horseradish $1.95
4 bags of Caesar Salad mix b1g1f $4.09 x 2
1 pound container mushrooms $2.99
Zucchini $3.03
2 pkgs of sausage crumbles $3.00 each
Large container spring mix salad $5.99
3 bottles cold press coconut water $3.99 each
4 Digornos pizzas $5 each
2 bottles of Almond Milk/Cold Brew coffee $4.99 each (Califia)
Jug of OJ $3.34
Half of a spaghetti squash $2.86
Bottle of ketchup $3.59
Pkg of pepperoni $6.17 (so wish I held out for Trader Joe's)
2 1 pound pkgs of sausage patties $3.69 each
2 boxes Ritz crackers b1g1f $3.55
32 oz Chameleon cold press concentrate coffee $9.99 (expensive but concentrated)
4 12 pk coffee pods b1g1f $8.59 x 2
2 bags of cat food b1g1f $6.39
2 pkgs Milano cookies b1g1f $5.49 (for mud dad)
18 pk eggs $2.05

I had a $5 off $50 coupon that I used. Had we really been thinking, Hubby and I could have split the shop and each used a $5 off $50 but we didn't think ahead :-(

I don't think I need to hit the stores up for anything just yet and even though I'm looking to do some meal prepping this week, I'm going to try and hold out. I'd love to hit up Costco but .... we'll see!


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