Menu Planning

Hey hey, hoping you are ALL enjoying your holiday weekend!

We had some last minute company come on Friday for the 3 days so there was a crashing stop to the No Spend Week ... I had anticipated holding out til Friday, and thankfully, I did! I broke that spending fast with a trip to Publix ... and then another trip to Aldi on Saturday and then Publix again ... this post shows what I picked up for a pretty penny ...

It's just as well, the kids had a few friends over for some pool time on Saturday and then Sunday was a repeat of the same. Monday was a wind down, relax, clean the house, blog, do some laundry kind of day ... and it was good for me to be out of the heat and sun for most of the day. It was brutally hot which might explain that awesome sunset that we say Sunday night!

I'm glad the weekend is over. There was a LOT of food, drinks, pool, sun and heat. Whew.

Saturday - fish fry ... we had so much other stuff ready to make as well (deer steaks wrapped in bacon!) that we just opted to save that for later as the fish and the roasted fingerling taters were more than enough! Fish came from brother in law (deep water bass?) taters were picked up at Aldi

This was NOT dinner ... but more of a joke about Mr. Master, Semi Pro Angler Man was getting his butt kicked by a half sloshed girl fishing better than him! Don't worry, all fish were returned safe and sound to the water!

Sunday - our big BBQ day - Beer Cheese Burgers, Hot Dogs, Bacon Wrapped Deer Steaks and so on! The burgers will have a recipe coming soon as the beer cheese is awesome! We also had corn on the cob, watermelon, beers, margaritas and so much more! I have a lot of stuff we DIDN'T make as we had too much as it was ... the burgers were not made but I DID make the Beer Cheese Sauce (which requires a blog post real soon!) and a few things are on the menu for later this week.

Monday - leftover city! Everyone left today and we cleaned the house, rested, blogged and did laundry. I love holiday weekends for the leftovers!

Tuesday - I'm leaning towards a stir fry of bratwurst and veggies ... Hubby most likely will have the rest of the sauerkraut and I'll have mine with green beans, riced cauliflower and broccoli, all sauteed in a skillet with ghee!

Wednesday - It's been a LONG time and with the leftover deer steaks, I'm looking forward to making an Evil Jungle Salad! Sweet mama! It will be modified as heck and most likely NOT have any pasta in it (cuz, you know, it's the last day of May and I'm really needing to get back to watching that intake!) Hubby is NOT a fan of this salad so I think he'll probably eat the rest of the brats and/or hot dogs!

Thursday - most likely will need to make the burgers. I've got 5 pounds that was taken out of the freezer on Friday and they were still somewhat frozen on Sunday so I'm thinking/hoping the meat will be fine til today to make some burgers ... Bacon Blue Cheese baby! Buns are in pantry since we didn't make them over the weekend!  Anyone else just in awe that its JUNE 1st??!!

Friday - Whee! It's Friyay! Leftovers BE GONE! BLT Inspired Chicken Salad it is! The recipe/marinade for the chicken is awesome in itself and if we just make the chicken breast alone with some veggies that would be awesome but I really like the whole salad combination!

What are YOU planning to cook up this week?? And did you have a lot of leftovers from your holiday weekend as well??

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