Costco Time!

It's been a few months since I've hit up Costco ... but there were a few things I needed and well, I just took it upon myself to make the run last Saturday morning. Of course, the phone call from Hubby "We have a showing this afternoon!" cut my trip short so I will probably be hitting that store up again soon ...

I stuck with the plan for the most part. A few things were NOT really shown and those items have the everlasting * next to them!

Rana Grilled White Chicken & Portobello Mushroom Sauce Tagliatelle
Here's what we got and I'm hoping I have the bulk of my stuff for the month!

5 pounds New York Strips $41.53 (note, I butterfly these (all the way through) so they are thinner and then freeze half for later, so basically I feed 8 total)
Chuck Roast $22.34 ... not sure how many pounds but a lot! ($3.99 per pound)
Wild Planet Tuna $14.99
*Bumble Bee Albacore Tuna $13.89
*Brownie Brittle $6.69
24 hard boiled eggs (cage free) $6.99
3 pk of large chunky guac $10.69
5 pk baby romaine lettuce $3.99
3 pk Aidels chicken apple sausage $13.69
*3 pk Aidels mushroom, bacon & swiss sausage $13.69
6 pk romaine lettuce $3.79
*Tagliatelle chicken with creamy portabello sauce $9.99 (uhm, yeah?)
large bag of lemons $7.9
Paper towel $15.69
sandwich size ziplocs $9.49 less $2
Garbage bags $15.79 less $3.80
Pure leaf ice tea $10.99
TP $15.99
Kcup Coffee $39.99 less $5
36 count eggs $3.59
grape tomatoes $4.99
*Insulated food bag $6.69
bag of limes $3.99
bag of frozen b/s chicken thighs $12.39
3 pk butter lettuce $4.99
bag of mini peppers $5.9
bag of avocados (5 I think?) $8.99 (whoops, didn't know they were that much!)
large container fresh salsa $6.49 less $2
single packs of guac $10.79
green beans $4.99
celery sticks $3.99

Grand total $354.16 ... we got a whole ton of veggies in hopes that I will be eating healthy for the lead up to the party weekend (Cinco de Mayo, my birthday, Air Show AND Kentucky Derby) ...

When I got home, I had to hurry up and put everything away before the showing! On Sunday afternoon, I cleaned 4 heads of romaine, chopped and spun dried, chopped up some peppers and cucumbers and washed some tomatoes to make my toss salads together in a hurry easier. I would have liked to grab the foodsaver and seal some jars, but we had a graduation celebration to go to and then I was just too tired Sunday night.  Was glad, come Monday morning, that I prepped what I did.

I'm excited to try the Tagliatelle dish ... the price didn't seem too bad in my opinion (40 ounces) and I think all that needs to be done is reheated ... not going to be an uber healthy meal but hey, I could convince Hubby to make it Thursday evening!

Have you been to Costco lately?


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