A Trip to Costco


The grocery shopping has been fairly moderate by our standards lately and we fully intend to keep it that way ...

But then Costco happens.

Granted, a lot of the stuff on the list is specifically for a party we have coming on the 10th (Boat Parade!) but still ...

and the Boy was along for the ride to pick up a few things AND a few gifts as well ...

Honey $12.99 (the Boy)
4 pounds unsalted butter $9.49
4 boxes of tape/rope/flat lights $39.99 each ... Hubby and I are going back and forth whether to use them or return them. Most likely going back
large bottle of Fabuloso $7.99
Kirkland brand flushable wipes $14.99
24 pk of Red Bull (because some days we need wings) $32.89
3 twin packs of yogurt $5.89 each (the Boy)
Gatorade variety pack $15.89 (the Boy)
4 pk of beautiful New York Strip steaks $24.92 (thinking Christmas grilling)
40 count water bottles $4.99 (party)
2 pk Nerf Blasters $15.99 (the Boy gift for soon to be BIL)
45 count Starbux Kcups $42.99 less $6
Art set $29.99 (the Boy gift for sister - this set is AWESOME!)
3 pack of european salami choices $11.99 (party)
oatmeal $7.99 (the Boy)
2 pkgs 3 dozen xlarge eggs $2.19 each (yeah for cheap eggs again!!!)
2 trays lasagna $11.99 each (party)
2 containers of Burattas (fresh mozzarella balls) $6.79 each (party)
variety pack of crackers $7.99 (party)
protein bars $17.99 (the Boy)
2 bags of 31/40 shrimp $15.99 each (party)
large bag of celery sticks $3.99 (party)
tomato mixture $6.49 (party)
Asian Chopped Salad mix $4.99
french beans $4.99
bananas $1.39
cheese tray $9.99 (party)
5 pk romaine lettuce $3.89
3 pk cucumbers $3.99

Grand total? $561.02 with tax. Good news? $160 will be coming back if I return the lights. The Boy will give me $100 for his stuff ... so really, I only spent: $300 ... but still!

I'm pretty excited about the egg prices again, I will say that!


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