Frugal Activities

*This was supposed to have been posted over the weekend ... sorry about that!

Hey hey, it's time to share the Frugal Activities post and I know a lot of you liked them because of my full disclosure too!

We did a quick, whirlwind trip to Nashville, flew in Friday morning EARLY and flew home Sunday night LATE ... good things all around ;-)  Next up is our trip up to Indiana on Tuesday for a little over a week ... that will be fun as well and includes a trip to Costco ::WHEEEEE::

Here's some of the Frugal Activities we've been doing for the past few weeks ... 

1.  Avoided that grocery store since Monday, the 17th. Seriously! Hubby made a few $20 stops for milk and miscellaneous things but certainly under our usual $50+ per stop!  Of course, hit it up on Saturday afternoon, after running all day, the day before halloween and spent $75.xx ... this included some snacks, beer and halloween candy. Had to keep it simple as we travel again on Tuesday.

2.  Avoided pulling out the halloween stuff and dressed my fat butt up using previous years costumes. I really wanted to be something different this year but due to the quick trip to TN, the current house situation (for sale) we didn't decorate and I just don't need more stuff to worry about moving. AND it was good to not spend money ;-)  I ended up being an Amish lady (just a long flowy skirt, a modest phesant top, boots, a large straw hat and a milk jug. No biggie but it worked for our annual Halloween Bash down the street!

3.  Packed my breakfast and lunch all 5 days for the work week. Score! McDonalds was making too many morning appearances for a few weeks there ... evidence shows on my waistline.

4.  In Nashville, we ate out only for dinner and averaged around $70 each meal (x3 nights). Meals were put on the American Express. Party time on Broadway and tips were all done in cash, as was the tipping of drivers and servers.  Uber receipts totaled about $80 between the airports and rides home at the end of the night. Not bad.  Hubby and I both carried cash up (I took $600 which was way too much) and we both came home with cash still (I came home with $340) ... that loose change and bills went to the jar for our trip to Indiana this week.

5.  Hubby is still pricing the rental car and saved another $50.  I think we are down to $200 for a 8 day rental.  I'd prefer we not have a car but I guess we need it for the ride to town as a cab and/or Uber would cost a ton of money (45 minute to 1 1/2 hour drive depending on traffic). Plus we sort of, kind of need a car while visiting since everyone lives in the boonies ;-)

6.  I had Hubby take a pair of boots back to Target for me during the week and get a refund of $45 and change. Figured by sending him there, it would save me money as I certainly would not run in and out like he did.  Can't believe I can count on one hand the number of times I've been in Target this year. Can't say the same for Walmart though.

7.  Again, gave myself a manicure. I'm totally impressed by this. I do need to get them done professionally just to clean up the cuticles but as far as the polish situation goes, spot on ... I can go 10 days before they start to chip and peel. SCORE!

8.  I upped my weekly Capital One savings another $5. It works to do it this way. A gradual $5 every few months and I don't notice it. $400 even now each month.

And of course, full disclosure of some of our NOT so Frugal Activities:

1.  That grocery store stop on Thursday night: $75.xx was really NOT a necessary shop and half the stuff was NOT on my list ... I had that $5 off $50 purchase and that's what gets me every time as my cart is nowhere NEAR $50 so I start browsing. Oops.

And honestly, I think that's it!!

What have you been doing to stay Frugal lately?

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