Frugal Activities

Hey hey, it's time to share the Frugal Activities post and I know a lot of you liked them because of my full disclosure too!

So, what the heck, since I seem to have fallen off the Menu Plan Post, let's revive the Frugal Activities shall we?

I generally try to start my week on Monday with it ending on Sunday but pretty much keep Sunday out of the picture as I try to keep that as a stay home, entertain family and relax day!

Here are some of our Frugal Activities that we did this past week!

1. Only hit up the grocery store one time, and that was at Walmart and it was a proactive trip for the potential of a storm hitting us. Luckily, that fizzled out and well, what I bought we will be using. It was MORE than I anticipated, $130 ...

2.  Ate all 5 breakfast at home and packed my lunch for 4 of the 5 work days. The one day I didn't pack was Friday as my boss was taking me out to my favorite place, yet again. I'm telling you, I really do have the best boss! 

3.  Even though I didn't eat dinner too many times this week (busy and just distracted), we only went out ONE time and that was Wednesday night ... $86 for the 3 of us and I had leftovers that I ate for breakfast on Thursday.

4.  Did a little meal prep but not as much as I should have (hence, the shortage of dinners) ... we did have leftovers from Saturday and Sunday and Hubby made a large batch of tuna to tide him over during the week.

5.  Met up with some girlfriends for margaritas on Friday. We said only one drink each, ended up having two and only spent $30 with tip.  The best part? Free chips and salsa all around! 

6.  Thankful that I've been stashing the extra loaves of bread in the freezer lately as Saturday morning we all wanted toast but there was NO BREAD! Oh wait, yes there is! I ran out to the garage freezer and showed up with a loaf of sour dough bread! Perfect!

7.  Hubby was working on the generator this week and noticed that he had a flat tire AGAIN so he pulled it off and located the leak. It's a tubeless tire and he shopped around and lowest price he could find was $45 plus shipping. We hopped on Amazon and found the same thing for $20 with FREE shipping. Gave him something to look forward to! 

And of course, in keeping with tradition and to make myself accountable, here's the NOT so Frugal Activities from this past week!

1.  Finally paid the cable bill and I paid it short, come to find out. They slapped me with a $10 late fee because it wasn't revised like they said it would be. Need to follow up with them when I have the energy to do so this week.

2.  I had a little extra time waiting for my girlfriends on Friday so I ran in to TJMaxx ... picked up a pair of jeans and 3 new blouses for $80. Uhm, that's not in the budget this month! Most likely will be taking the blouses back and the jeans as well if they don't fit. I really should take it ALL back as I'm getting ready for the September Whole30 and well, hopefully, I'll get rid of this little muffin top that's going on and a smaller size might be in order! Maybe? Maybe not?

3.  Paid $2.80 per gallon for gas. Uhm, 17 gallons worth. That stinks.  Hubby wanted to me to check out the gas station. Gas had gone up 10 cents this past week with 99L hanging around out there in the ocean.h

So there you have it! I'm skipping out on Sunday, we anticipate having an open house IF the weather holds out ... Hubby and I will go scope out our "new" neighborhood and hit up the local neighborhood pub while out. 

What have YOU done frugal this past week?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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