Frugal Activities

Hey hey, it's time to share the Frugal Activities post and I know a lot of you liked them because of my full disclosure too!

So, what the heck, since I seem to have fallen off the Menu Plan Post, let's revive the Frugal Activities shall we?

I generally try to start my week on Monday with it ending on Sunday but pretty much keep Sunday out of the picture as I try to keep that as a stay home, entertain family and relax day!

Here are some of our Frugal Activities that we did this past week!

1.  Hit Aldis on my way home from work on Monday night, AFTER I went to the bank, made a deposit and withdrew my grocery cash for the week!  Spent $51 and supplied the refrigerator with plenty of green stuff (veggies), 4 super large chicken breast and a massive boneless pork shoulder/butt. Oh, and some eggs. And a couple of avocados. And green beans. Because, you know, I could live on those 3 things alone and be perfectly content. Hubby, not so much ;-)  THAT was the one and only grocery shop this week! SCORE!

2.  Cooked up 2 pounds of ground beef from the freezer and had a Taco Tuesday at long last! Instead of margaritas, I opted to have a lime's all about using what you have on hand!

3.  Made my breakfast all 5 work days and packed my lunch as well. I just took leftovers for the most part!

4.  Did my own manicure, again. Like I've said before, it's not spa quality, but plenty sufficient for me and work. Saved $20, well worth it to do it yourself!

7.  Set up all my payments for the month on line so I don't need to worry about them. Only thing left that comes up this month is the 2 water bills.

8.  Had Hubby work on Comcast this week. May have threaten to leave them. Last months bill was $300 a month.  Whee, we got it down to $220 ... still too much and I will need to work on Hubby and the number of channels ;-) However, he does need to go swap out the 3 big boxes we have for the new fangled ones (dvr or whatever the recording option is) ... I am going to insist that we learn how to use it so we can utilize movie night in the house more often (instead of our nights out eating and drinking!)

9.  Kept with the list of things for the week, for the most part!  It helps, physically writing on a piece of paper, for me!

10.  Even after our dinner out on Thursday, I still had $20 left for the week. I was going to hit up Whole Foods for their 99 cents per pound on cold chilled chicken legs, but then thought, heck, Aldis has theirs on sale for 69 cents per pound so I opted to NOT stop at Whole Foods. I know that I would have walked out with way more than chicken legs!

11.  Opted to not go see our favorite band play on Friday night. That would have put us over budget (between Uber and booze) AND most likely I would have been hungover and dragging on Saturday. Instead, we stayed home and made margaritas, bruschetta and chilled in the pool with friends.

And of course, in keeping with tradition and to make myself accountable, here's the NOT so Frugal Activities from this past week!

1.  Went to dinner on Thursday night ... had a few (too many?) adult beverages ... total amount, after tip and all was $79. Used cash and at least I had food for breakfast the next morning (half a bacon blue cheese burger!)

2.  Had a little bit of food waste this week, but nothing dramatic. Tossed a few sweet peppers, 1/4 head of lettuce, a little bit of canned coconut milk and tossed the jar of Almond Butter that no one, including myself, seems to be eating.

I'm skipping out on a Sunday update for this week as I don't anticipate doing ANYTHING besides chilling on the couch and floating in the pool!

All in all, it was a pretty fine week! I'm very proud of myself and hope to have another good week!

What have you done this week to stay accountable and Frugal?

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