Frugal Activities

Hey hey, it's time to share the Frugal Activities post and I know a lot of you liked them because of my full disclosure too!

So, what the heck, since I seem to have fallen off the Menu Plan Post, let's revive the Frugal Activities shall we?

I generally try to start my week on Monday with it ending on Sunday

Here are some of our Frugal Activities that we did this past week!

1.  Stayed OUT of the stores this week up until Thursday. Trying very hard to stick with a one day a week shopping plan and this week it worked. However, I sort of blew the budget, see #1 in the Not So Frugal Activities below.

2.  Did my own manicure. Like I've said before, it's not spa quality, but plenty sufficient for me and work. Saved $20, well worth it to do it yourself! I even used that same color!

3.  Made an extra $200 debt paydown payment ... I think I have $200 left on this particular credit card and that will pay off the new computer. This money came from Digit savings.  Seriously, this program has REALLY helped with the extra debt payments!

4.  Hubby grabbed a few odds and ends from the freezer: 1 lonely ribeye, 1 lonely t-bone and 1 lonely filet mignon ... he's wondering how in the hell we have odd numbers of steaks and honestly, I don't know! Anyway, tossed them all in the crockpot and made a kick ass pulled beef. O M G it was delicious!

5.  Froze the rest of the blueberries and strawberries that were heading South ... the Boy and Hubby will be thrilled when they make their morning protein drinks! I will also be happy if I decide to make some frozen strawberry margaritas!

6.  Made my breakfast at home 4 of the 5 work days, took my lunch 4 of the 5 as well. Thursday was the only day I didn't!

7.  Set up the insurance payments two weeks in advance so that I don't forget about them and incur a late fee. Since it's not a monthly payment, I always come close to being late as it's not on my radar!

8.  Stayed more on task with my list ... I've decided to really get focused, yet again, with staying organized. Since my brain seems to be elsewhere a lot, making a list and carrying it with me helps a lot. I was using my phone but have decided writing is much better for me!

9.  Noticed Hubby's grocery list and slid a $5 off $40 coupon with it so he wouldn't forget to use it! He used it, only he spent more than $40 (see #2 below!).

10. Did a movie night at home on Friday ... we spend a fortune on cable/internet/home phone and honestly, I do NOT watch a lot of TV, but Hubby does, but really, only the same few shows which are all car related things. So I figured we'd have a "date night" at home and I grabbed some movie snacks (trail mix) at Walmart when I went shopping, and served up large glasses of soda over ice with a straw, trail mix in a bowl and popped some popcorn as well. We were settled in to our recliners by 8pm and watched a full fledged movie. I even turned down the lights so it would be more theater-like. Corny but hey, a change of pace is always good!

And of course, in keeping with tradition and to make myself accountable, here's the NOT so Frugal Activities from this past week!

1.  Even though I only hit up the store ONE time this past week, I went far over my $100 budget. Granted, some things were for my dad, maybe $20 worth, but still. $146.00 spent. I realized afterwards that we only had 1 stick of butter left in the fridge and Hubby is out of coffee creamer. Oh well, not going til middle of the week coming up!

2.  Lack of communication means that Hubby went to the store the same day I did as well! He spent, ahem, $100 or so. BUT at least he used a $5 off $40 coupon ... not certain what he spent $100 on but he did go to Publix which I'm starting to see is fairly expensive compared to Walmart. Believe me, I'm not a Walmart fan by any means, but food wise they are less expensive. Sorry!

3.  Ran that air conditioner non-stop again, all week long. I KNOW this month's bill will be over $400. It's just so dang hot here (mid 90's and sunny). Honestly, we should turn it up (warmer) when we leave the house BUT Hubby insists that it takes longer and more energy to cool it back down. That's not what the electric company says!

4.  Had some food waste. Salad stuff, you know, the baby romaine stuff? It never lasts long and I need to buy it on Mondays to make sure I eat it all week long ... but Monday is NOT a grocery shopping day for me anymore!  And then we had some ice berg salad I made on Sunday that we just couldn't take any more.

5.  Our little boating excursion last week? Well, on the way home, we stopped at a little bar down the street that we've not been to yet by boat. Heck, the whole dock was open so I convinced Hubby to stop. Bad move. My debit card shows $78, not to mention the $40 cash out of my wallet.

6.  The one day I didn't do breakfast or lunch was Thursday because the bosses and I were having a meeting at 8am so I did a McDonalds drive through. Spent $5 for 2 sausage muffins and 2 hash browns which was breakfast and lunch for me. Really should have just made a breakfast sandwich at home and taken it along ...

Saturday was lunch out with my older neighbor at a little pub he enjoys. Technically, lunch was free, but he doesn't understand the importance of tipping so Hubby and I both slid the bartender a ten and the outdoor grill lady a fiver ... not sure if this really qualifies as a Not So Frugal Activity or not because I certainly respect the service industry and how they rely on tips to survive ... so I'm not numbering this one. JUST REMEMBER YOUR BARTENDERS AND WAITRESSES!

I'm skipping out on a Sunday update for this week as I don't anticipate doing ANYTHING besides chilling on the couch and floating in the pool!

What have you done this week to stay accountable and Frugal?

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  1. Hi! Came across a tip recently....not sure if you have heard it. When I open bagged lettuce it goes bad really fast, all slimy and rusty, sometimes in a day or two. I read that if you slip a clean paper towel in the bag, it absorbs the excess moisture. I tried it and it works! My bagged lettuce lasts for almost a week if I close it real tight.

    1. Thanks for sharing that tip Cheryl! I'll try that the next time on the baby romaine!


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