Grocery Cart Sunday!

Hey, hey, even though it's a holiday weekend, I'm still trying to stay on task with things around here, so here you are, another Grocery Cart Sunday post!


Where shopping is a pleasure ... well, it used to be anyway. Now, not so much. It seems that their prices are high and the produce is just so-so ... am I getting spoiled from Aldi's you think?

I originally intended to go on Friday after work with the thought process that I'd get out of work earlier since we've been slammed and working late every night, but no such luck, I could have left early but I just had to finish up a bunch of stuff just for my own peace of mind over the weekend.

So, instead, I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, with the intention of going to Publix to buy the paper products and use my $5 off $40, then drive to Aldi's to get my fruits and veggies and then BACK to Publix to by the cold stuff and use my other $5 off $40 coupon. Guess what? It was pouring rain, thundering and lightning so I didn't get out to the store until 3pm that day. So NOT what I wanted to do on a Saturday afternoon!  AND it messed up my whole plan ... I only went to Publix instead of driving all over town in the afternoon.

I spent a lot. I got a lot too, sort of. And I think, yes, I do need to do a Freezer/Pantry/No Spend Challenge in June ... maybe budget $40 a week (that way I can use my $5 off each week and spend $35 ... ideally!) ... yes, I believe we will be doing that!

Ok, here's what I bought:

*remember, we have friends coming over for a pool party this afternoon ... Hubby had picked up the ribs during the week and spent, I believe, $12 or so*

TP $4.99
Paper towel $4.99
2 6 pks Cayman Jack @ $9.49 for both (b1g1f)
38 oz bag of cheese tortillini $4.99
2 pkgs of Nathan hot dogs $6.49 for both (b1g1f)
1 lb italian sausage $5.09 (recipe testing)
2 dozen large eggs $1.59 each
4 large cans of baked beans @ $2.39 for 2 (b1g1f))
2 large bags of chips $4.99 (b1g1f)
2.31 pounds of tomatoes $2.98
instant oatmeal $2.50
tabasco green sauce $2.50
4 lemons $3.38 (!!)
4 limes $3.78 (!!)
12 pk coffee kcups $6.99
2 pkgs napkins $2.35 (b1g1f)
2 pkgs angel hair pasta $1.69 (b1g1f) (recipe testing)
paper plates $3.25 (b1g1f)
Dunkin Donuts Kcup coffee $9.49 (hubby)
garbage bags $6.99
2 boxes sea shell pasta $1.69 (b1g1f) (recipe testing)
2 bottles ketchup $3.65 (b1g1f)
dill relish $2.39 (b1g1f)
bag of coleslaw $1.89
6 ears of corn $1.80
celery $2.79
2 avocados $2.00
barcardi mixer $3.09
limeade $2.09 (recipe testing)
2 containers fresh salsa $2.50 each
2 pkgs burger buns $3.19 (b1g1f)
2 pkgs hot dog buns $2.50 each
pool float $9.99 (my relaxation)
bananas $1.69

Used one $5 off the $40, and then there were three $2 off something or another but still, my grand total was $145.33.

Yeah. That was a lot.

Then Winn Dixie for a quick stop for shrimp (the stuff it the freezer went to feed the fish), garlic, carrots, a pineapple (pina coladas) and beer ... oh and that there almond milk because Publix no longer carries it! $42.21 ... eek.

My budget is blown! So, yeah, I think there is a Freezer/Pantry/No Spend Challenge for June, after all!

How did your grocery shopping trip(s) go this week??

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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  1. I love that almond milk creamer too! It's so yummy :) Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Edye | Http://


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