Holiday Cranberry Margaritas

First up, let me just say, this recipe is NOT mine ... nope. Not at all ... it belongs to Gimme Some Oven and if you've never been there, go check it out!

I'm trying to reduce the spending on food and stuff and pretty much have walked away from the booze and beer aisles lately ... I mean, shoot, we've got quite a bit of hard liquor on hand and as far as beer goes, I'm trying really hard to avoid that as it's the number one thing I consume that has gluten ... so cutting way back on that stuff ... hard as it may be ....

But tequila is abundant around here. Uhm, I have 6 bottles that I see off the top ... I'm sure there is one or two tucked away in the back of the cabinet. I've specifically requested NO MORE tequila til I drink some of these ... and then along came Whole30 ... ahhh....

But ... it's holiday time and well, I DO have those 6 bottles of tequila .. and a bottle or two of cranberry juice is usually floating around. Most of the time I even have the limes and Cointreau ... because, heck, if you drink tequila, you gotta have those last 2 items!

I made these the first time for Thanksgiving and have been enjoying them on and off for the past month ... thanks to the lovely Ali over at Gimme Some Oven I've got myself covered for cocktails on Christmas!

I wanted to make a big batch to serve up to my fellow Tequila Friends so here's how I made them:

3 cups of cranberry juice. I used the 100% juice, not the cocktail blend. THEN I discovered I could make my own cranberry juice! That may be shared at a later date! *Note, I am NOW making these with the cocktail blend and find them a little sweeter so IF you are not a fan of tart, stick with the blend ;-)
1 1/2 cups of lime juice ... thrilled that I have a juicer BUT you can (if you must) use bottled 
1 1/2 cups tequila. I prefer silver (clear) 
1 cup Cointreau. If you wish to make these a little less expensive, you can swap out for triple sec 
Salt for rim of glass (or sugar if you prefer)
lime wedges

Add all liquids to a large glass pitcher, stir well and let the party get started in the fridge for a little while before YOU start the real party!

When ready to enjoy, give a quick stir, rub the rim of your glass with a lime wedge, dip in salt (or sugar), carefully add ice and then fill with your Holiday Cranberry Margarita ...

To be even prettier, go ahead and garnish with some fresh cranberries ... I made a mad dash back to Aldis after work to pick up a couple of bags for 99 cents ... so wished I had picked them up sooner as the traffic and store was craaaazy ... was definitely ready to give these a try once I got back home, that's for sure!

Enjoy (and Cheers!)

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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