Costco Time!

So the Boy wanted to make a run to Costco ... and of course, I had a few things that I wanted to pick up too ... so I said, sure ...

And off we went.

I did have a list and stayed pretty much on track.  A few things were not found and very few things were added to the cart that were not on the list.

But it still added up. To the point where I think I might need to do a mini no-spend challenge ...

Here's what we got:

Vanity Fair napkins $8.99 less $2 (alot ... as in 6 month supply I'm sure!)
2 Heat Tee shirts $8.99 less $2 each (Boy)
5 pk deodorant for Boy and Hubby $13.99
2 pkgs of 16 count Chobani Indulgent yogurt $4.97 less $2.20 each (Boy)
20 count Chobani yogurt (regular stuff) $14.99 (Boy)
turkey bacon $999
2 pk greek yogurt $5.99 (Boy)
3 pk Tropicana fresh orange juice $8.69
Pea Protein Powder $29.99
large bag of onions $6.49
Asian Chopped Salad kit $4.99
5 pk artisan romaine lettuce $3.99
bag of avocados $4.99
2 bags of french cut green beans $4.49 each
ziplocs $11.99
8 pk cartons of egg whites $9.59
Naked Smoothies $14.49 less $4 x 2 (Boy)
boneless skinless chicken thighs $12.56
2 dozen organic eggs $6.99
bananas $1.39
bag of broccoli $4.99
bag of lemons $6.99
Sangria tomatoes $5.99
bag of limes $5.79
bagels $4.99 (Boy)

Grand total? $235.02 with tax.

I just realized how much yogurt the Boy eats ... holy cow!

So. That pretty much blows my budget for the month THREE days in!


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