Menu Plan Week 142 - Using What We Have

I did pretty good this past 6 days of staying out of the stores after that last Sunday where I blew 50% of my grocery budget ... then I did the quick stop at Whole Foods on Friday morning and spent $22 .... and then again on Saturday, Hubby wanted to make some Shepherds Pie with shredded beef ... WF had their beef roast for $5.99 a pound, same as Publix and I'd much rather shop at WF, you know? So another $45 out the door on Saturday ... but have a ton of leftovers for lunches and dinners this week! Score!!  I'm pretty happy in that I stayed under the $125 budget I recently put in place for food per week.

I made it a point to prep some food Sunday before I ran out to do some sight-seeing (aka house drive-bys with Hubby) ... I grilled up a LOT of zucchini, squash, onions, red peppers and green peppers and cooked 3 HUGE chicken breast (for lunches this week) and sauteed 2 pounds of green beans.

Then I went ahead and made up 3 shepherd pie and green bean containers for lunches, tossed together 3 diced chicken with grilled veggies in another 3 containers. So there you have it, 6 lunches with a choice of which one you want :-)

Yes, I feel like I accomplished a lot early in the day!

I'm aiming to continue with avoiding the store for the week again til Friday/Saturday ... Costco has been calling my name but I am so avoiding it lately ... I know I need to renew my membership which will add $110 on to the bill and well, quite honestly, I'm not looking forward to that! So ... I will keep making do with what we have while I can!

Here's what I'm looking at this week:

Sunday - Sheperds Pie and green beans ... leftovers from Saturday night ... Hubby made enough to feed an army and it was just him and I last night! (FYI ... because I'm trying to stay more Paleo, I picked out the corn ... the rest of the stuff is acceptable as is for me)

Monday - Princess wants to make Chicken Stirfry. Go right ahead, girly! Chicken in freezer as are the veggies

Tuesday - Surprise, it's Taco Tuesday!  I think I'm going to lean towards the Meatless Tacos ... I've got all the ingredients, including the coleslaw in the fridge! I'll probably just have grilled veggies with chicken


Wednesday - Chicken Piccata ... I think the Princess was going to make this too ;-) ... chicken in freezer, balance of ingedients in fridge and pantry. I will make up a small batch of spiralized zucchini for me and the Princess (what she wants too) in place of the pasta

Thursday - Leftovers! I know that we will have some Shepherds Pie leftover (which will be going in the freezer if we still have a lot left come Wednesday night).  I'm sure we will have a few other odds and ends to eat up too! I have a class and seminar this evening and as I'm typing this, trying to remember if it's 5 to 9 or 5 to 8 ... not that the last hour is really going to make a difference at the end of the day!

Friday - Pizza and Wings ... frozen pizzas in freezer (taking up space) as are the wings ... I think I will just go with a plain Salt & Vinegar Wings. Since I'm trying to stay more Paleo, I will make an egg with tomato frittata for me

(I'm cooking these this time AND using my grill mat ... review to be posted soon)

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... I have some thick pork chops in the freezer that I might offer up to him since it's been awhile ;-)

What are YOU making this week??

Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Party ... go check it out!


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