Frugal Activities #47

So, traveling back home over a holiday weekend is probably NOT the best thing, you know?

Anyhow. Anyway. Whatever.

We are home. Have been for almost a few week now.

Sunday, I had to hit up the grocery store. No eggs. No milk (Hubby, not for me). No salad stuff. Really ... NOTHING except frozen stuff in the freezer, which, at the end of the day is useless if it's a frozen hunk of something, right?

So. I blew 50% of my grocery budget that Sunday. Really.

I held out the FULL week ... but come Friday (it's I DON'T CARE FRIDAY!) morning, I stopped at Whole Foods at 8:05am (!!??) to pick up a bottle of Tessemaes Lemon Garlic Dressing since I knew I had just a drop left in the office and I've been getting home LATE at night so no time (poor excuse) to make my own salad dressing (after I just shared the Honey Mustard stuff!) ... anyway. It was on sale ($4.99) so I picked up 2 bottles for home  and office ... then spotted the rainbow carrots on sale, grabbed one bag ... saw the green beans on sale, said oh yeah, don't need to hit up Costco after all ... and proceeded to grab some Honey Crisp apples (brownie points with the boss!), salted chocolate squares (my desk stash) and paid $22 and left.


The week wasn't bad before hand. Other than the stops at the store on Sunday.

Oh. And the food waste! I specifically told the KIDS who consider themselves ADULTS (22 and 24) that this, this and this were in THIS fridge, and that, that and that were in THAT fridge ... so make sure you eat it up.

Ahem. I come home and guess what? Yup, this, this, this and that, that, that are pretty much taking up residence. Ugh.

So. Do I want to do a Frugal Activities Breakdown for you? NOT REALLY. I think the above rant states it all ;-(

I DID take all my lunches to work this week and though my Boss brought me lunch on Friday, I brought home the leftovers (both the salad I took and the one that I had at lunch). And dinner, all at home! So, I guess that was a success?

Pulled Pork with Bean Sprouts, Cashews and Cilantro (the Boss and I wish I had it!)

Salad from home, pawned off to Hubby for dinner (I ate leftovers!)

I'm hoping to share a future post soon about the 50/30/20 "Ideal" Budget Plan. Surprisingly enough, I fall squarely in the middle of it ... who would have thought??

So tell me, HONESTLY, were you intentionally and successfully Frugal this past week?


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