Fast Chillin' Beers

Odd, when we were in Indiana, I couldn’t buy COLD beer at the grocery store. WTF?

So, not one to be intimidated when it comes to an ice cold brewski, I made a fast chill bucket.

Well, in this case, a fast chill bowl. Wish I had a bucket so I could have done all 6 but I was stuck with 2 bottles and a somewhat large bowl.

 What you need:

Large bucket/bowl/container
Beer of choice

Toss your beers in the bucket/bowl/container.

Add some ice. I was using a slow as molasses ice maker at the house (took 3 days to get a decent amount of ice, talk about roughing it!) and I went LIGHT on the ice as I didn’t want to use it all up … add water to that and then let the beers sit for 30 minutes, rotating the bottles every so often to keep them chillin throughout.

So … I was getting impatient. So grabbed the Patron and sliced up a lime as I needed one anyway with the corona and did a SHOT of tequila while waiting. Oops. Not that I recommend that to ANY ONE but hey, I was on vacation ;-)

As always, drink responsibly!

Looking forward to sharing this Tip over at some of these great Parties … go check them out!


  1. Add salt to chill even faster..

    1. Jen, I think I heard that somewhere too for a faster chill time .... I'm thinking this was on Myth Busters and it proved to cut the chill time .... hopefully I won't have to deal with this issue any time soon but will so try adding salt! Thanks!

  2. Now this is a great Fiesta Friday tip!

  3. Wow! What a crazy experience! I think you did a great job making due with what you had on hand. And, at least it makes for a funny story. Thank you so much for bringing this tip to the fiesta, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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