Costco Time!

When I was off on President's Day, I headed out to Costco early in the morning since it was a day when I could shop that was NOT a weekend day! If you've been to Costco, you know that the weekends are NOT the time to shop!

Apparently, everyone else in town had the day off too ;-( ... and the snowbirds were grabbing their chickens and NOTHING else, pushing those big carts around and rambling in their northern language ... ugh.  What bothers me more than anything is leaving the cart blocking the aisle while you ramble on and on with your shopping mate about a product. Seriously. That's the equivalent of stopping in the middle lane of the interstate in my opinion. MOVE OVER!

Ok. That's enough of that rant ;-) ... just saying.

So. I went with a very specific list. And pretty much stuck with it. A few things I did NOT buy and a few things I did buy, even though it would appear the price has increased. Here's how the trip went down ...

2 12 ounce containers of luscious raspberries ... $3.99 each (these are so yummy)
1 2 lb container of luscious strawberries ... $3.49
2 18 oz containers of luscious blackberries ... $3.99 each
2 4 packs of solar deck/dock lights $29.99 each. These were impulse and I will probably taken them back as Hubby has not made any comment on them yet
2 24 pk organic eggs $6.99 each (yes, that's 4 dozen. I do NOT want to run out again)
100 pk of Keurig Kirkland brand coffee $35.99
6 pk 32 oz organic chicken broth $11.69 (Hubby plans to make jambalaya this weekend!)
string cheese (not sure how many, lots) $9.69
cooked bacon $9.99 (yeah, the price went down again!)
2 4 pound packages of organic ground beef $19.99 each (price is up)
15 pk Kirkland brand greek yogurt $10.89 (kids all agree this is as good as Stonyfield)
8 pk Kirkland brand Albacore tuna $14.89 (price up)
half and half $1.89
32 oz Ciliegine mozzarella balls $5.69 (way less money than any store!)
3 lb cottage cheese $4.99
2 two pound bags of cauliflower florets $3.99 each
2 three pound bags of broccoli florets $5.49 each
12 pk of single serve guacamole $10.79 (I wish I had NOT bought these)
bag of pistachios, shelled $18.99 (did you see the Beets Feta Pistachio recipe??)
10 pk Torta rolls $5.99
bag of organic apple chips $6.99
6 pk romaine lettuce $3.99
bag of pumpkin seeds (raw/sprouted?) $9.49

Grand total $317.90 with tax. Seriously ... I need to just avoid the stores for anything other than basic necessities, don't you think???

But already, I need milk, pasta. We will skip the lunch meat, additional bread (I will use the dinner rolls, torta rolls, etc. from freezer) and a few other non-essential items ... although, Hubby is making jambalaya and we need andouille sausage for that BUT I think I might have some in the freezer ;-) I need to go check that out right now!

Have you been to Costco lately??


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