New Cookbooks

I'm so excited ... I got FOUR new cookbooks for Christmas ... well, actually, only three, as the 4th is Hubby's but I scooped it right out from under him to look at :)

There "should" be lots of new recipes coming your way soon, HOPEFULLY while I attempt yet another Pantry/Freezer Challenge in January ... I need to get a handle on the pantry and freezers, seriously!

So here's what I got:

1.  Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker.  Um, yes, this was on my wish list and the Boy spotted it ... sweet!

2.  Nom Nom Paleo  Food for Humans by Michelle Tam. I love her website, most of the time ... the cookbook looks to be laid out fairly simple ... I'm excited to dig in and really read some of the recipes!

3.  The Skinnytaste Cookbook by Gina Homolka ... another great website and actually, I'm enjoying the book so far in review!

4. Cook's Meat Book ... this is Hubby's. I actually bought it for him at Costco but held off looking at it til Christmas morning!  We've already used it for the big hunk of beef made on Christmas Day!

I need to start working on getting the cookbooks I have on the Kindle to books ... I do NOT like using the Kindle for cookbooks ... just doesn't work out well for me ... 

How about you? Did you get any awesome new books for Christmas? 

*These ARE affiliated links through Amazon ... if you do decide to purchase one of these using one of the links, I may receive compensation for same*


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