Menu Plan Monday - Week 103 - Using What We Have

I didn't get to the grocery store ONCE last week until Sunday morning! Amazing!  And the only reason I even went then was because I needed milk to make the Broccoli and Cheese soup (no, it never got made during the week!) .... and even better, I stopped at Aldi's and got everything I felt I needed ... spent $80 which was more than I had anticipated but picked up a "few" things outside my list.

With that said, I think I'm going for a non-disclosed pantry challenge in January. Heck, I've got food stuffed in every nook and cranny of the kitchen cabinets, pantry and freezer. It's not even funny anymore. I should be thankful, I understand, BUT the clutter and disorganization is driving me nuts and makes me rather crabby when I'm trying to cook because I can't find that bottle of whatever that I just KNOW I have ... so yeah, January is going to be my kitchen declutter month, food wise.

I hope you all have your Christmas shopping done ... I do, I guess. I'm waiting on a few packages to arrive from Amazon and the Gap and then I'm done, as much as I can be!

The work week will be short ... looking forward to having a half day Wednesday (hopefully!), full day off on Thursday and hopefully, another full day on Friday (providing that I can get everything lined up in timely fashion by the time we leave on Wednesday) ...

Here's what we are aiming for this week:

Sunday - lasagna, wedge salad and dinner rolls. I also made some Broccoli and Cheese soup (at last!) which I will be sharing this week ... feeding 4. I cheated on the wedge salad and used bacon bits and bottled ranch ... some days I need all the help I can get!

Monday - was just me, Hubby got home late, so I wrapped presents and offered him leftover soup when he got home. Feeding 2

Tuesday - ahem, that would be TODAY. Princess is making cookies and well, we just ordered pizza ... feeding 3

Wednesday - oddly enough, one of old Christmas traditions was McDonalds ... but this year, we will make our own burgers and fries at the house and continue the tradition in a healthier way ;-) Feeding 6 to 8

I don't think I have onion rings to offer up this time around and promise to make the burgers bigger!

Thursday - Merry Christmas! Sadly, I'm not sure 100% yet WHAT we are doing but here are the options at this moment: Roast Beef with double baked taters ... turkey breast with double baked taters ... which ever main course we decide on, we will still have the cheese and crackers, veggie platter, deviled eggs, and a few other odds and ends to snack on ... feeding 10 at last count ... and NOW I'm thinking that we will be making BOTH!

Friday - leftover day! No idea how many feeding this day but there will be plenty to go around! Feeding 6 to 8

Saturday - you know ... it's going to be up to Hubby today ... :) I need a day off!

Has anyone else noticed the price of hot dogs lately? $5 for a package?? OMG! I am hoping like crazy I have some in the freezers (I'm pretty sure I do ... need to look at my freezer inventory list (and UPDATE it)

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Monday ...


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