Costco Time!

I had stopped in at Costco's a few weeks ago at Hubby's request ... imagine that!?

Of course, I was only supposed to be picking up things for the party but I also had my own little Costco list going ... you know how I love lists!!

It was a big trip. Bigger than I had anticipated ... I've resigned myself to the fact that I need to make Costco a CASH ONLY store as it seems to be my budget blower lately ... 2015 Resolutions, here we come! Either that or learn to make do without going there .... sad, sad day folks!

Keep in mind that i put back the 3 bottles of my favorite champagne ... the price was just a tad over $40 and it was $5 less than the cheapest price I've seen this season)

Here's what I picked up ...

2 pkgs of baby romaine lettuce @ $4.29 each
bag of organic sliced apples (8 pk) $8.79
bottle of Santa Margarita $17.89 (one of the cheapest prices I've seen in a while)
2 trays of cheese slices for crackers @ $11.39 each
2 pkgs of 3 pack english cukes @ $3.99 each
2 large containers of blackberries @ $3.99 each
2 lbs of crimini mushrooms $3.99
2 twin packs of stuffed stuffed olives @ $10.69 each (this was a deal, Hubby pays $8.99/lb in the store)
box of crescent rolls $7.89
2 1/2 gallons of egg nog @ $3.99 each
pkg of chicken italian sauasage $13.49
30 count frozen yeast rolls $5.99
jar of tomato mix (aka salsa) $5.99
Ciliegine (them little mozzarella balls) $5.99
2 lbs of fresh cut up cauliflower $3.99
8 pk albacore tuna $14.89
6 pk canned chicken $11.49
2 pks 24 count organic eggs $6.99 each
3 pk mouth rinse $7.59
10 lb bag of organic sugar $8.79
box of energy shot (5 hour energy) $34.99
2 pkgs of 3 count platters $9.79
2 pkgs 2 lb bag of pecans $12.99 each
Solo cups $9.99
pkg of Coastal Cheddar $9.41
2 bottles of Pom Juice @ $8.99 each less $2.70 each
Container of Macadamian nuts $15.99
2 lb bag of walnuts $18.99
large container of raspberries $4.99
3 pk of butter lettuce $4.59
quart of half and half $1.99
big bottle of olive oil $11.39
3 pk of honey $13.99
bottle of balsamic vinegar $10.99
2 pkgs of Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference (jar and travel size each) @ $19.99 less $3 each
pkg of hard salami $7.29
6 lb bag of meatballs $17.99
cooked bacon $10,99
jar of antipasto $9.49
jar of Mateos Salsa $6.49
48 count Mucinex $27.99 less $6 (not paying that full price in store when we are all sick!)
jar of almond butter $15.89 (!)
Crest Whitestrips $39.99 less $5
18 count Kind bars $17.99 (I find out no one likes these!)
bag of Rice Work chips $5.99
box of Lara Bars $15.79 (again, no one likes these, back to the old chocolaty protein bars I guess)
loaf of UDI's bread $6.99
package of EOS lipbalms $10.99 (stocking stuffers and stock up for me)
12 count easy mac $9.69

Oh boy ... grand total? $640.69 with tax.

Yes, that was a lot.

So, something like 3 weeks later, I still have a lot of that stuff ... the eggs, mozzarella balls, half and half, mushrooms and cauliflower are gone (I had picked up eggs and half and half the other day) as is the wine and the apples, the bacon is about gone, the lettuce is gone, except maybe one head (I used those 'green bags' and they seem to help) ... and to think I'm heading in to a pantry/freezer challenge.  Aw heck, it will be fine ;-)


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