Costco Time!

Really, I had a list that I've been holding for a while and kept adding to it. I KNEW I would be going here while Hubby was gone ... and of course, the #1 thing he asked me to get, Worcestershire Sauce, I couldn't find. I must have just totally bypassed it.

Any way.

I deviated from my list. Slightly. Um, a bit more than slightly. The household section sucked me in ... you know, with the holidays coming up, they are really pushing household stuff ... yikes!!

The stuff that I've marked with an * are the spontaneous items ... seems to be quite a lot, huh?

NOT to mention, my membership was up for renewal and the crabby cashier didn't tell me til it was all rang up. Drats. I might have knocked it back to the regular membership til next visit.

Here's what I got ... lots of stuff ... and some of it was Ebola Panic thinking:

twin pack of Reynolds heavy duty foil ... I bought regular last time and forgot how thin it is $13.89 less $3.30
large veggie tray (for Saturday night festivities) $9.99
2 large area rugs for the kitchen $11.99 each (this was a GREAT deal, IMO) *
3 knife sets $23.99 less $4.00 each (these are slated for Christmas gifts) *
Bag of limes $4.49
Bag of lemons $8.99
20 pack of bath soap $9.49
6 pack of soup bowls $14.99 *
Misto Sprayer and Salad Dressing container $17.99 less $4 *
box of oreos $7.39 less $2.00 *
4 lbs of unsalted butter $12.49 (whoa!)
4.xx lbs of pork tenderloin $15.20 less $4 (good deal) *
4 lbs of pork tenderloin $14.98 less $4 (good deal) *
2 bags of precooked sliced beef $14.06 and $13.71 each *
pkg of Adele Chicken Sausage $13.49
2 pks 2 pack LED flood light $18.99 each (I want to start changing out the track lighting in living room) *
twin pack of pomegranate perils $6.99 *
12 pk of single guacamole $11.49 *
5 pk of artesian baby romaine lettuce $3.99
18 piece glass snap-ware $29.99 less $6 (been looking at these) *
2 pk glass carafe $21.99 (returning, one is chipped and might not swap, they are tall) *
bottle of Dawn dish soap $8.99
2 boxes of 72 count assorted Keurig coffee pods $33.99 less $5 each
2 twin pks of Oatmeal Squares for the Boy $7.39 less $2.40 each
quart of half and half $2.15 (the price keeps creeping up on this)
2 45 count zicam rapid dissolve tablets $13.99 less $3 each *
72 count nyquil $16.49 less $4 *
72 count dayquil $16.49 less $4 *
2.5 lb unsalted cashews $14.99
3.5 lb salted cashews $14.99
large container of smoked fish dip (for Saturday night festivities) $10.49
String cheese $9.79  *
2 pkgs of cooked bacon $11.99 each
2 3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.59 each (price dropped a little here)
3 pk of french bread $7.99 (this is the stuff that is shelf stable forever and you bake it when ready)
Milton Gluten Free Crackers $7.89 less $1.60 *
165 count band aids (in 3 plastic first aid like containers with other stuff) $11.99 *
200 count latex free gloves $19.99 *
gallon of whole milk $3.39 (always amazed it's $1 less than anywhere else!)
Renewal of membership $110.00

Ahem. Do I need to give you the grand total or would you like to do the math? And did you count how many spontaneous items I got distracted by???

$729.64. Paid $200 cash, balance on debit card. Which means, no shopping this upcoming week. I really shouldn't need to, quite honestly!!

I do not know what triggered my household item splurges. The snap ware, I've been looking at and was going to buy sooner or later (although, the dishes are pretty damn small) ... the soup bowls, I needed new ones, one of the handles broke on my current ones, knocking me down to 3 usable ones (and French Onion Soup is coming soon!) ... the rugs I got for the kitchen ... the Misto I've been *wanting*, the knives will be perfect gifts for the kids as they are all talking of moving out soon (and hey, I've got a set and everyone LOVES them).

But still, $700?? I guess I won't be moving the big stockpile of funds in my checking account, after all.

OH ... and then I walked in to the liquor store there ... picked up a big ass bottle of Tequila, Kirkland Brand for $18.99 plus tax ... THAT was a great deal! This *should* last a while, unless Saturday night festivities get out of hand ;-)

Been to Costco lately??

*Ebola Panic? Yes, I'm a concerned about that ... Hubby is traveling to 3 cities 6 different airport stops along the route last week and this week ... and I am not quite sure I trust the CDC to be telling us everything they know. For pete's sake, they just said that it can be spread by SWEAT! Do you realize I live in the Capital of Steam Bath, USA?? Swapping sweat is just a normal, everyday occurrence in a crowd down here!

*Saturday night festivities is a Girls Night at the house ... about 12 of us total PLUS the kids and their girlfriend/boyfriend, so 16 of us. I am just serving snack stuff (bean dip, oriental cabbage salad, fish dip and chips, guac and chips, salsa and chips, cheese & crackers, etc.)


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