Costco Time!

It's been a little while since I've done a 'real' Costco shop ... the last one didn't really count as I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. If only all my Costco stops could be that way ;-)

So I had a list, the Boy added a few things on at the last minute ... he was going to go with me then backed out at the last minute which is probably just as well. I find when someone else goes with me I spend way more than I had planned.

So, here's what I got ... a few things were NOT picked up as the pricing was off, so I thought.

Presliced, organic apples $9.99 (price is up)
5 lbs of tomatoes $6.49
bag of limes $4.79
bag of lemons $8.79
blue cheese slices $8.79
package of paper coffee cups $9.59 (office)
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.49
2 3 pks english cucumbers $2.99 each
5 pk artisan romaine lettuce (baby romaine) $3.99
bag of precut fresh cauliflower $4.29
6 pk of large romaine $3.99
2 pkgs of twin pack turkey (lunchmeat) $8.99 x 2 less $3 x 2
5 lb container of red potato salad $5.59
10 lb bag of chicken wings $19.69
2 lb package of shrimp $19.99
twin pk of honey wheat bread $4.19
pkg of UDIs bread $6.79 (did NOT realize it was that expensive!)
pkg of naked smoothies $14.49 (the Boy's request)
twin pk of cherry almond cereal for Princess $6.89
twin pk of oat squares (boy request) $7.39
12pk tomato paste $6.39
12 pk tomato sauce $7.59
1000 splenda pks $18.49 (office)
2 pineapples $5.98
stars & stripes/flags paper plate set for 50 (napkins, big small plates and tablecloth) $13.59
liquid tide $19.49 less $3.50
container of blue cheese crumbles $7.79
8 pk of napkins $8.99 less $2
Passionfruit/Mango fruit spread $6.29
beef jerky x 2 $15.99 each less $4 each
Black bean spaghetti $9.39 (I'm curious, what can I say?)
4 pk (4 lbs) turkey bacon (for all others in the house, not ME) $7.99 less $2.50
black pepper $5.89
sea salt $2.79
half and half $2.09
360 count advil $16.49
5 pk avocados $5.29
8 pk dehydrated hash browns $5.99
coconut oil $16.99
trail mix $12.69

Grand total? $369.23 less $54.46 cash card. Out of pocket $314.77.

Have you been to Costco lately?


  1. Hi, I have cut way back on Costco these days. There's just the two of us living here now and some of the items are just too much for us. I also have noticed that the prices have gone up here (NJ). Don't know if that's true in other parts of the country. Just curious - why do you buy presliced apples? Do you have a specific recipe in mind for them? Do they stay fresh?


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