Costco Time #2 in One Week!

I am actually a little embarrassed to even tell every one that yes, I did go to Costco TWICE in one week ... I've even had to set the kids and friends straight that there were to be no more cracks about it ... they were having a little too much fun with it ;-)

Ok, let's get to it and share what I bought ...

carton of 5 hour energy (kirkland brand) $34.99 less $7 (I hate these things but Hubby likes them, as much as I keep telling him that they really can't be good for him)
Kirkland brand laundry pods $16.99 less $3.50 (stopped using Tide about 4 months ago after trying this brand!)
2 gallons whole milk $3.49 each
10 lbs old fashioned oats $7.89
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.89
20 lbs basmati rice (really) $20.99
10 lbs organic brown rice $13.99
Rice Cooker $29.99
20 inch floor fan $34.99
2 bottles of acid reflux (one too many margaritas lately?) $8.49 each
large bottle of Allertec (store brand Zyrtec) $14.99
large package of sponges $12.49 less $2
freezer ziplocs $11.99
EsterC vitamins $11.79
toothbrushes $13.99 less $4
4 pack sunscreen $15.99 less $3
twin pack tin foil $15.99
3 pack qtips $8.99
3 pack of vacuum sealed sour dough bread $7.99
tampons $13.49 less $3
combo pack ziplocs $10.99
olie oil $11.39
10 lbs frozen chicken breast $22.99 (this is cheaper than sale chicken lately)
large tub of roasted garlic hummus $5.99
twin pack pork tenderloin $14.17
2 4lb packages of organic broccoli $6.49 each
beef franks (deli style) $10.99
wedge of medora cheese $12.12
4 lbs (or so?) of italian sausage $13.99
2 containers of mango & peach salsa $5.39 each less $1.40 each
toothpaste (5 pack) $14.99 less $4.50
2 packages of cooked bacon $12.99 each
twin pack of grey poupon $6.99
half and half $2.09
twin package of organic raisins $8.69 less $2
and ...
3 packages of Naked Smoothies ... the price on shelf said $4.99 but they rang up as $14.49 ... when they went to do a price check, the sign was gone as the manager had pulled it down because it was a mislabeled price ... but being Costco, they honored it ...

Grand total: $594.49 LESS the $85 credit they gave me back (the cashier rang the void up instead of voiding it out so I had 2 $43.47 charges instead of the charges and voids).

Still. Way too much spent at Costco this past week.

I am staying FAR FAR AWAY from all stores this week!


  1. Hi! Love reading your shopping list of stuff from Costco. I stay out of there as much as possible these days. Since it's only my husband and I now (kids all grown up and married), we don't find it necessary to stock up on huge amounts of stuff. I buy dishwasher tablets and a few other things but am considering dropping my membership. I still buy the organic chicken breasts because I think they are a decent price for organic. I like the way they come two in a package (3 packgages in all). Just enough for two people with no waste or left overs. Since you are a pro at "Costcoing", maybe you can give me a few suggestions on what would be a good buy for a household of two? We don't eat any junk food or sodas.


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