Costco Time!

I was off on Friday (Good Friday) and figured I better utilize that day to hit Costco ... certainly did not want to do it on Saturday, that's for sure! Of course, it appeared everyone else had the same exact mindset as me ... mad house!

I had a list. Pretty specific. A few things were not picked up ... and imagine my sticker shock at limes. Wow. $9.99!! Then I remembered that I just saw a news piece about "liquid gold" and it was in reference to limes. First it was the lemons that went sky high and now it's limes. (FYI ... lemons were $6.99). So buying the big bag of limes led to the following purchase:

3 large Golden Margarita Mix for $9.99 less $2 each ... ummm, yes, it's a lot, but Cinco de Mayo (my Birthday!) is coming and so are summertime pool parties ... not to mention, this stuff is better than the REAL Golden Margarita stuff and it's half the price ... tequila already mixed in and tasty on it's own!

Total spent: $25.41. Well, not really, that was the liquor store...after I bought the following:

2 pack fresh French Baguettes $4.99 I'm such a sucker for fresh bread ;-)
1 lb of organic romaine mix $4.79
6 pk of organic basmati brown rice $11.39 (for the Boy ... these run $4.99 a package at the store)
1 lb cooked bacon strips $12.79 (price increase again)
5 lbs of frozen Italian meatballs $15.89 (whew, that got pricey)
2 10 lb bags of flash frozen chicken breast $22.99 each bag
wedge of Parmesan Reggiano $17.35
bag of frozen organic cherries $12.99
bag of power greens $4.99
3 cartons of protein bars $17.99 less $4 each (these are Hubby's favorite and I want him to keep some in his desk at work)
Wedge of Romano cheese $13.04
spiral sliced ham $19.44 less $3
bag of lemons $6.99
large bag of tortilla chips $3.99
container of smoked fish dip $9.89
6 pk of baby romaine heads $4.29
package of raw tortillas (been watching for these!) $5.89
6 pk of large romaine heads $3.99
wedge of blue cheese $7.46
54 pk of starbucks coffee kcups $33.99 (tired of hearing Hubby gripe about the coffee)
bag of frozen strawberries $8.99
24 pk of clif bars $19.89 (for the Boy)
2 1/2 pound container of salted cashews $15.49
2 containers of half and half $1.99 each
bag of limes $9.99
3 pkgs of beef jerky $14.49 less $3.50 each
bag of chocolate covered cherries/blueberries/pomegranates $8.99
large bag of trail mix $12.69
2 packages of ciabatta rolls $5.99
bag of rice works chips $5.39

Total spent (after my $16.00 cash card for the chicken thighs I returned) $410.66.

Yes. Really. I think I will try to avoid the store for the next week or two ...


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