Grocery Shopping - November 3 to November 9

Ummm ... there were a few trips to various stores this past week ...

Like 5!

1.  Walmart on Sunday ... I do not like to shop at Walmart but needed tp so stopped in. Huh, they have toilet paper a heck of a lot cheaper than Publix ... picked up 2 8 packs of tp, 2 pkgs of cheese, 2 bottles of soy sauce, two boxes of tissues and a small wastebasket (the last 3 things were for my dad). Spent $27.87.

2.  Next up was a quick run to Target on Monday to get cat food (had coupons and they had a special deal with gift cards on the stuff my cats eat, that NEVER happens!) ... did a quick walk through the meat section and sure enough, meat was marked down...picked up 3 2lb 80/20 ground beef and 3 pkgs of burgers for $4.49 and $3.39 each, respectively. Yes, that was a good deal, in my opinion! Total spent $47.49 and I have a $5 gift card.

3.  THEN a quick run to Costco on Wednesday ... included a pair of jeans that I returned. $126.68 total (less the $21.17 for the jeans).

4.  Then Publix on Friday, $32.59 (used a $5.00 off coupon)

5.  AND ... another quick run to to Costco on Friday ... I had the girls coming over and I forgot a few things and a few other things I couldn't find on Tuesday so I went to a different store ... $157.49 spent.

So, what's that total? About $380? Uggg.  I suppose that makes up for the past few weeks of minimal shopping, huh? :-( ... I will definitely be avoiding the stores with the exceptions of some super stock up deals that are coming soon with Thanksgiving ...

How did you do this week?


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