Grocery Shopping - November 10th to November 16

I seem to be leaning more towards an every other week major shopping trip.

This past week had ONE stop by me ... and that was Walmart ... not my favorite store by any means ...

I apparently tossed the receipt, but know I spent about $38 and picked up stuff like sour cream, soda (coke and diet coke), pepperoni slices, sausage patties (breakfast food for Hubby), cheese sticks, and a few other odds and ends. Looking back on that trip, I probably could have done without ANY of it ... but I was there for something else, which I didn't pick up, and decided to swing through the meat department which led me to the rest of the food section.

Hubby did make a stop at Winn Dixie, and bless his heart, he used his $5 off $30 coupon and handed another one to the lady in front of him at checkout.  He's starting to really get in to this frugal stuff ;-)

I will probably hit the store on Sunday or Monday to get more salad stuff as I'm almost out of lettuce again ... seems to be the story of my life :-)


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