Costco Time!

This past week, I went TWICE! Yikes! This was in addition to 3 other stores too ... I spent a little (!!) too much and really need to stay far away from the stores for the next few weeks!
First trip was to the one in Pompano, and the selection was pretty poor in the produce department ... seriously ... and a few things I couldn't locate, which is why I made a 2nd trip to the one in Davie on Friday ...
Here's what I got:
6 pack baby romaine heads $4.49
unsalted cashews $15.49
half and half $1.79
4lb butter $7.49
fresh salsa $4.39
bag of macadamian nuts $17.89
Lucky jeans $19.97 (which I ended up returning)
package of cooked bacon $12.99
2 2lb bags of cooked shrimp $19.99 each
Grand total $126.68
THEN the next trip was:
2 12 pks of smoothies $9.99 each (um, these are real good and I'm hoping to get princess to drink one a day)
pkg of pomegranate seeds $6.99
container of precut mangos $8.99
multigrain chips $5.99
veggie chips $5.59 less $2
bottle of B12 rapid release tablets $16.49
2 pks of chicken, ham and roast beef lunchmeat $10.99 each
bottle of olive oil $10.49
pkg of mushrooms $3.99
fresh mozzarella $7.49
heavy cream $2.89
container of blue cheese $7.49
bag of limes $4.69
bag of avocados $5.99
bag of brussel sprouts $4.49
bag of precut cauliflower $4.79
container of smoked fishdip $9.89
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.29
bag of lemons $6.99
Grand total was $157.49.
Most of the stuff WAS on my list ... a few things, not.  BUT I promised myself I would not have any food waste from the produce ... Hubby comes home on Wednesday so he will be available to help consume all the veggies :-)
Have you been to Costco lately??


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