Weekly Shopping - October 13th - 19th

It's been a few weeks since I gave a breakdown on the shopping trips ... you know, busy, life, etc. :)  I also just realized that I had the previous weeks dates ... ooops!

I was out two days this week ... and Hubby fended for himself. How? The easiest way possible, he went to his favorite Italian restaurant, sat at the bar and had mommas sauce with a side of garlic rolls ... I'm pretty proud of him, actually :)

So, I ended up running to the store at 3pm on Saturday afternoon ... not because we NEEDED anything, but Hubby had requested bone in, skin on chicken ... and since Sonny Boy was here for dinner with a few friends, I said, of course I'll run to the store.

Bad idea!

First stop was Target ... I had these 50 cents off coupons for eggs, but they were NOT $1.59 like a certain website said, the organic eggs were $3.59 ... even with 50 cents off, out of my price range so I passed. However, then I saw $3 off coupons on the chicken thighs and thought BINGO! Nope, it was boneless skinless. I still picked up 4 packages (there was a lot more there) which came to $3.99 for 28 ounces. Not a bad price at all for that ... I passed up the premade burgers and chicken breast they had the same way ($1 off) as it wasn't that great of a deal ... total spent $15.96.

Then to Publix... the place was mobbed (it's been a while since I've shopped in the afternoon) ... had a list ... stuck with it for the most part and picked up:
6canned diced potatoes (this is Hubby's latest craze) $1 each with a $1 off 3 coupon
2 boxes frozen spinach $1.35 each (for spinach dip)
2 pkgs burger buns, b1g1f, total of  $3.29
12 pk Coors Light $10.09
pkg of chicken thighs $7.20 ($1.79/lb)
pkg of chicken drum sticks $8.45 ($1.79/lb)
grape jelly (for dad) $2.59
salsa $3.99
sour cream $2.35
half and half $2.49
2 containers guacamole b1g1f $5.49 total (ok, I didn't see it was that much otherwise I would have bypassed it)
2 red peppers $3.21 (yikes!)
1 lb bag of shredded cheddar cheese $4.99 less $1
2 boxes of cheese its b1g1f $4.29
2 bags of Tostitos chips $3 each
1 green onion 60 cents

Total spent $61.93 (I had 2 $5 off $30 I used too)

THEN ... off to Whole Foods
6 pk Pumpkin Head beer $9.49
bananas $2.49
mango/coconut/sweet pepper sauce $6.49
almond milk $3.99
Honey crisp apples (the real deal!) $6.22
3 naval oranges $3.75
3 lemons $2.67
green onions $1.49 (they looked way better than Publix)

Total spent $37.16 ...

Weekly total with my fuzzy math (sans calculator) approximately $115.00. Way less than my allowed $150 which I realize is extremely generous. To the point where I'm re-evaluating that ... thinking that maybe, just maybe, we should make November a Severely Restricted Spending Month to really force me to clear out the freezers!


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