Costco Time!

I tried to get Hubby to go with me on Friday night after I got off work.

He declined. I told him it would be F U N.

Apparently we have different ideas of what fun on a Friday night really are. Not to mention, he was working on the boat and I was still at the office when I called him at 7pm.

So here it is, 11:15 and I'm typing up my Costco trip and he's in the kitchen putting the chicken and spinach from dinner away. Hmm...I think I see a slight reversal in the household roles going on :-)

I was instructed to GO TO COSTCO but to make sure nothing came home that needed put in the freezers since Hubby is bound and determined to clear the freezers out ... I admit it, they need it! So I had my handy dandy list and off I went at 7:15 pm on a Friday, ALONE ...

Here's how it panned out:

2 containers of peanut butter filled pretzel bites $7.69 each (one is for the office and I 'could' get reimbursed if I asked)
1 pkg of "oh yeah" protein bars $17.99. These are Hubby's favorite protein bars
80 count coffee k cups $37.99
3 ltr of olive oil $10.49
3 pkgs (12 count) of beef jerky $13.99 less $3.50 each
2 cartons of half and half $1.69 each
twin pk of grey poupon $6.99 (the main reason Hubby wanted me to go to Costco)
large bag of organic baby kale $5.49
blueberries $3.99
pkg of cooked bacon $14.99 holy cow this stuff got expensive!!! May be the last time I buy :-(
mini peppers $5.99
strawberries $4.79
1 lb Coastal Cheddar Cheese $6.99
bag of fresh, peeled garlic $5.39 (to prep like this)
TP $18.99 less $4.50
5 lbs tomatoes $6.79 (tomatoes this year just suck, in general, even in Indiana)
12 pk coconut water $15.79 less $5.00
java cup $9.29 (for the office, reimbursable if I pursue)
box of muscle milk (for Hubby) $29.79 less $6.00
fabric softener $8.99 less $2.00
Tide $19.99 less $2.50
Paper towel $19.99 less $4.00
2 pkgs of Dietz & Watson turkey (lunch meat) $11.59 each (not a BIG fan of this brand)
twin pk of Worcestershire sauce $6.99
bacon bits $11.59 (again, wow, price gone way up!)
Balsamic Vinegar $10.99
2 bags of Riceworks sea salt & Black Sesame chips $5.39 each (these are very very close to the taste of FRITOS! Only gluten free ...)
4 pk of Colgate toothpaste $13.89 less $3.50
2 pkgs of baby romaine lettuce $4.29 each (price went down)
2 pkgs of boneless pork chops $12.17 and $13.57 (I think $2.89/lb?)
Large bottle of Excedrin Migraine $13.89 less $3.50 (I've had a migraine since I got home Tuesday night)
bag of cocktail cukes (yes, the receipt says that!) $4.99

Grand total was $404.78. I said "Of  Course" when the cashier told me. Uggg. Even without any major meat purchases it still adds up.

So now my mission is to make sure none of the produce goes to waste ... big task but I will do my best!

Been to Costco lately??


  1. OUCH!!!! I usually spend about $200 on stuff each month at Sam'sClub but that is meat and frozen veggies. I usually buy my other paper goods and stuff elsewhere.


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