Week 18 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Eh … I did ANOTHER run to Costco this week since I was at the hospital visiting my dad and the Costco is just down the road from there … Which of course added a LOT of stuff to the pantries and freezers …

With Sonny Boy being home for a few weeks, I will try to add things on that he enjoys too … only because I don’t want the kid to starve to death AND I feel like I should be cooking things he enjoys since I’m his mom and he is visiting J Mothers guilt, it’s the worse!

Moving on with our Using What We Have theme … it’s not all that hard … probably because it would seem I’ve been shopping quite a bit lately … but at least we have plenty of protein in the freezers and lots of veggies and some fruits in the fridge … squishy white bread, not so much, and Sonny Boy was inquiring where I might be hiding the bread J Sorry kid, not around here anymore!

Sunday – LONG day on the boat, got home at 8pm … I had popcorn, kids all went out to some grillish bar place and brought Hubby home some clam chowder ... I think we may be getting too old to be hanging out at these kind of raftups :)

Monday – Chicken Parmesan … been awhile since I’ve made it … I will skip the pasta most likely ... my dad is having a pacemaker put in today so hoping that goes according to plan and I will be able to get home for dinner!

Tuesday – Tacos … will make mine a taco salad
Wednesday – grilled cheese sandwiches and soup … I need to go find my grilled cheese salad recipe … never did try it and I bet this might be a good night for me to give it a shot!

Thursday – out …

Friday – steaks on the grill

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … my birthday is the 5th so I’m thinking, maybe, just maybe, he’s taking me out ;)
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  1. It's actually 97 degrees in Vegas today. Yikes! It's like we've skipped spring this year!
    Your menu looks delicious!
    Happy Birthday! Steaks are a terrific choice for a birthday dinner.

  2. Menu plnnng escapes me for no~ I fly by the seat of my pants most nights~ there's food in the pantry so we just have to combine what we have and, voila, a meal!


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