Week 4 Menu Plan

Ahhh....already going in to Week 4 of the new year! Amazing that time is flying by!

This week I'm hitting up Costco on my holiday off ... thank you MLK for many things AND the bonus day off ... I really have no desire to watch the Inauguration as that's all that's been on the TV this past weekend ... I've got a list of things that I NEED and a few things to look at ... hoping to keep it under $200 which should NOT be a problem ... come back and see! The list consists of veggies (lettuce, peppers, etc.), lunch meat, milk, eggs, coffee and I want to check out the meat, specifically to see if they still have the hams like I picked up before Christmas ... they were boneless spiral cut for like $2.69/lb and DELICIOUS ... plus chicken thighs, bone in at Hubby's request, olive oil, Tide Pods, and a few other oddballs.

I'm hoping to be able to utilize the rest of the day alone by catching up on some batch cooking too hopefully a new recipe or two to post too ... 

Here's what I'm planning for the week ... 

Sunday - started out with high hopes of the chicken thighs and taters and onions but in reality: chicken thighs marinated in Italian dressing and then fried up in skillet with a side of buttery herb rice ... nothing special here (everything was on hand already)

Monday - I've got shrimp defrosted in the fridge and want to use it up so I might just make a batch of the island mango shrimp for lunch today and tomorrow and offer up some to Hubby. If he snubs it (which I know he will, he doesn't do mango!), then I will give him leftovers from Sunday instead of giving it to him for lunches ;-) (balance of stuff is in the fridge and I really need to use the mangoes or process and freeze them)

Tuesday - chicken and taters and onions (will redo the recipe and post with pictures) (have everything on hand)

Wednesday - chili ... hoping to have this made on Monday so I can just reheat ... (have everything on hand)

Thursday - ham and bean soup with mini ham sliders (Hubby made a big batch on Saturday, will need to buy swiss cheese)

Friday - burgers on the grill (will need to get buns)

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... friends will be over either Friday or tonight so things could get switched up a bit ... 

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday ... keeping on track and utilizing what I have on hand!


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