Menu Plan - Week 3

It’s Monday and time to link up that food plan for the week.
I didn’t follow mine too closely this past week … Monday, soup, Tuesday, Hubby made me mashed taters, Wednesday I was starting to belong to the real world again and don’t remember, Thursday, don’t remember, Friday, hot dogs, Saturday, pretzel crusted chicken (Hubby made) … so this week,  I need to be focused.

Cleaned out the fridge (both of them) on Saturday morning and was surprised by how empty it was when everything was organized … Hubby and the Princess had done a decent job fending for themselves after all … So I ended up shopping on Saturday and spent $102. Only meat was the fake crab stuff (6 packages) … depressing how expensive everything is getting. The list was very specific and I had 20 coupons … receipt said I saved $86 … sure, whatever.

I also want to hit up the Fresh Market on Tuesday for their $2.99 Tuesday sale … ground beef (85/15) and chicken breast. Ground beef I can use (I have 3 20 oz packages left I think) AND I really like their ground beef and chicken so … maybe another $30 or so to be spent …

Ok, enough rambling … here’s what I’m using up this week and planning on making:

Sunday – Tacos, used this recipe for the meat and made a batch of this salsa (best to make salsa in advance). Everything was on hand except the shells which I had Princess pick up. Yup, I would recommend the meat recipe, it’s nice to make tacos WITHOUT the packet!

Monday – leftover pretzel chicken and green beans
Tuesday – Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad (chix in freezer, salad in fridge, pasta in pantry) AND ahem, I just noticed that blogger does NOT spell check correctly in that I've been letting it read "CESAR" ... uggg ....

Wednesday – Salisbury Steaks in the crockpot (beef in freezer) with mashed taters (premade in fridge)

Thursday – Chef Salad (will most likely need to stop and get more veggies)

Friday – Grillin … chicken thighs and veggies (again, 3rd week on the menu, what do  you think?)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … have steaks in freezer that we should probably be eating soon …

As always, may have friends over either Friday or Saturday night so things might get switched around or totally dropped.

What are you planning for the week?

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!


  1. A delicious menu you have lined up this week! That chicken caeser pasta salad makes my mouth water (it's now on next week's menu!) thanks for sharing


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